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    Stripey Socks: Complete

    This is a terrible picture, but I’m too tired to try and take a better one. It will just have to do.

    stripey socks

    To recap, these are socks knit toe-up with one strand of Araucania Ranco Solid (green) and Koigu KPPPM (blue). I finally mastered Judy’s Magic Cast On for these, which pleases me. (Both the cast-on, and the mastering of it.)

    Yesterday Orli asked about how I work the heel. I fell in love with the short row/mock heel flap found in the Baudelaire sock pattern. I just work it as it’s written, regardless of gauge.

    My only modification is, after I finish turning the heel, I work 20 rounds of plain stockinette at the back of the foot. This completes the “mock heel flap” illusion. It also helps the sock stay on better, since it feels to me like if you have ribbing that far down on your heel, you walk out of your socks more easily.

    Porch Cat Photo Bomb!

    porch cat

    “Why take pictures of boring old knitting, when my dapper self is sitting right here, waiting to be adored?”

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