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    Misc Notes

    It takes about this long for a dog to give birth to three puppies.

    stripey sock

    Thirteen hours, more or less. I wasn’t knitting the whole time, obviously!

    The next day I spotted an owl out roaming around during the daytime. This isn’t too unusual. (And owls can’t get rabies, so no worries there.)

    Can you spot it? It’s a barred owl. Pretty impressive camouflage, even during the day!

    barred owl

    It stared down at me with its big black eyes and totally freaked me out.

    I’m trying to remember who told me about a nifty technique for double knitting where you use a second set of needles. Ring a bell? Anyone?

    Okay. I know what you’re really here for.


    Lookit those hungry little nuggets!

    13 comments to Misc Notes

    • My friend, a designer, did a 2-in-1 KAL. She shows you step by step how to knit two socks at once with one sock inside the other. Yes, you read that right. Here’s the first lesson:

      Just keep going up her blog, date-wise. She does very detailed steps. It’s not difficult; it can just be confusing at first.

      Love your blog, btw.

    • Erika

      Thanks! I’ve heard of that technique, but I haven’t tried it yet, it definitely has that “wow” factor!

      I was actually asking for my next project, which is a scarf knit back and forth. It seems like I read or heard somewhere you can put the forward set of stitches on one needle, and the back set on a second. But I just can’t remember where, or if I remember correctly!

    • Sara

      I saw a two-at-a-time on two circs, using double-knitting. It was Knitty, iirc.

      You could also try Arwen’s site, LostArtsStudio; she does a lot of that Extreme Knitting (gigantic doilies on 6-0’s, double-knitting on 000’s from the Gutenberg Bible, stuff like that). I don’t quite have the patience or eyesight for the rough stuff.

    • Jennifer

      As a lactating female myself, I feel great empathy for that bitch. (That felt weird to say.)

    • Orli

      Do you have a pattern for those lovely socks? I’m mostly jealous of the heel; I haven’t yet figured out how to do a good-looking one-color flap heel on a striped sock. yours are great.

    • Otter

      I made a pair of gloves this way, once, you use one pair of double points and knit half the stitches one way and the other half going back, I think. It’s been a while.

    • In re: The barred owl…have you looked around to see if it dropped an admission letter from Hogwarts? Seems likely.

    • We have a barred owl in the neighbor’s palm tree. Every once in awhile I see him at dusk. He seems to disapprove of my knitting.

      There’s an old Russian technique of knitting two socks at once……but naturally I have no source. I’ll see if I can unearth it at home. I’m not sure it would work for a scarf though.

      PUPPIES!!!! SQUEE!!!!

    • Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Brrrrrrrrrr. . .

      The mating call of the barred owl. It’s really creepy when you’re out in the woods and there are a bunch of them “whooping” it up. From a distance, it sounds like coyotes, but it’s very distinct and loud when one lands on your cabin :-/

      Maybe your owl will treat you to his own rendition.

    • Sara L.

      My mom does such a good imitation of a Barred owl that she can actually get them to answer. It is pretty neat.

      Love the puppies!

    • Erika

      Barred owls always sound to me like they’re singing that cheer, “Be! Excited! Be-eee excited!”

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