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    Sims Sunday: Problems At Home

    First of all, I would like to know how a Sim who works out so much can have a butt that big. Unfair!!!

    sims sunday

    That’s Quinn celebrating her birthday to “Mature Adult” with her husband Benny. But for some reason, there is no “Woo Hoo” or “Try For Baby” option. Instead, they make out for a while and then share secrets.

    sims sunday

    “My secret is, I want a baby!”

    Me too, dude! The clock is running out, here!

    sims sunday

    “My secret is, I can’t cook worth a damn.” (That’s not a secret, honey.)

    With the Generations expansion pack, when Sims hit the Mature Adult stage, they go through a Mid-Life Crisis. That’s five days when they get high-value Wishes to make major life changes.

    Frankly, I was getting pretty bored with this particular challenge. I decided to pitch it out the window, and just follow Quinn’s lead.

    Quinn’s first Mid-Life Crisis wish was to change jobs.

    sims sunday

    Done! I switched her to the Military track.

    Her next wish was to spend §500 at the Day Spa.

    sims sunday


    Next she had a wish to “Flirt with someone else.”

    sims sunday


    And her final wish was to move to a new home. I thought about it for a few minutes, then decided, yeah! Let’s do that.

    First I kicked out Khloe, Bentley, and Grayson. (A limo came to pick them up!)

    sims sunday

    The Alphabettis have amassed a surprising amount of wealth since we started the challenge. I moved Quinn and Benny into the nicest home in Barnacle Bay. It’s very swanky and modern!

    sims sunday

    Now it’s time to make a baby… but for some reason, they just won’t. They’re listed as Husband and Wife, and their relationship is good, but it’s just not an option.

    sims sunday

    Are they estranged? Or just broken? Will Quinn have to leave her high school sweetheart if she wants to have a baby? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK.

    sims sunday

    Oh, and check it out – my gnomes had a baby!

    11 comments to Sims Sunday: Problems At Home

    • did you try the shower? Sometimes they can try for baby in the shower or in an elevator if they don’t get the option through interactions.

      Also go into their scrapbook under “statistics” and see what their reputations are.

    • Franz

      Does the gnome baby just sit there in that position until you aren’t looking?

    • Slager

      I always get nervous when they set the boom box right on the edge of the hot tub. I mean, they ARE Sims, after all. They’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

    • Sarah

      Ooh, I vote for a sleazy affair!

    • Erika

      Aren’t the gnomes hilarious? About once every 24 hours they disappear with a “fwoomp” sound, then reappear somewhere else in a different position.

    • Erika

      Aimalyn, I did try that – the option was there but grayed out, and when I clicked it it said something like “there is no one on the lot who is eligible for woo hoo.”

      Good idea about checking the rep, though, I hadn’t thought of that!

    • ErinLindsey

      I had two of my sims get married, but they wouldnt whoohoo or Try For Baby until the rest of the family was out of the house. Not sure what the deal was with that. When those two got married, I made sure to have a couple of gnomes around to see if they get married and have a baby gnome.

      As soon as I got those two sims preggers, I kicked them out of the house. My Elder Sims were retiring and wanting to enjoy their retirements without the house being too crowded. (they still have two children at home, along with one young adult son)

      Weird thing, my Elder Sims have never cheated on each other. When they hit Elder status, they got moodlets that said they were dedicated to each other and would be together forever after they die (or something like that) Weirdest set of Sims I’ve had since I started playing. They’re madly in love with each other, constantly flirting and Shy Kissing each other. It’s kind of sweet. (they’re children dont seem to like their parents sharing public displays of affection tho)

      All my previous sims have been kind of slutty. Constantly hitting on other people’s significant others. Lots of drama in the previous sets of Sims that I’ve played. So, it’s kind of weird to have a set of sims that are in love and devoted to each other. I’m interested to see what happens when one of them dies.

      I turned off the opportunities since they were annoying me. Gives my Sims more time for social interactions with family members if they’re not running off to complete a task.

    • gabes

      Is the original magic gnome ‘gene’ dominant? or will we see little vampire gnome babies?

    • Erika

      I’m actually still not sure who the baby belongs to! I too had heard that only the original gnomes could get married. Is the original gnome married to the vampire gnome? Or did the baby just spontaneously appear?

      So many questions, with no way to answer them!

    • ErinLindsey

      Maybe the gnome baby was immaculately conceived?

    • Love the baby gnome! Yellow eyebrows! Diaper! Toe-sucking! Hat!

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