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    Puppies IV: The Puppening

    As many of you know, my landlord/neighbor also raises Newfoundland dogs. And it’s time for another litter! (Past litters: 1, 2, 3.) Sorry for not having said anything earlier. This one is a first-time mom, and you never know – things can go really badly.

    But everything went swell!

    Here is mama dog before she went into labor proper. She was a little loopy from the hormones, and decided that several toys were her babies, and thus she must gather them up into the corner and protect them. Plus the red blanket, which might be a baby, or might be hiding a baby, she wasn’t sure, but she kept nosing it around.

    Newfoundland litter

    The pink rubber squeaky baby is her favorite. She licks it tenderly. I got quite a sharp look when I tried to pick it up.

    And here’s one of the little nuggets now!

    Newfoundland litter

    Three puppies in all, each extremely large and vigorous. Things are looking good!

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