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    Earthquake Weather

    Quite a day! I mean, not here, obviously. For once, the West Coast gets to sit back and watch everyone else cope with an earthquake.

    Post-earthquake television watching is often the best part of an earthquake. I always rush to turn on the local news stations. It’s great fun watching them interrupt their regular programming to toss up footage of shampoo bottles that have fallen off store shelves and first-person accounts. (“I almost spilled my beer!”)

    And if you’re really lucky, you get to watch some clueless news personality grapple with trying to explain how the Richter Scale works.

    Enjoy it while it lasts, Colorado and East Coasters!

    boring knitting

    This is some of my most boring knitting, and yet the most useful. These are Cat Mats: Mats For Cats Who Need Mats.

    Dishcloth cotton, 50 stitches across, seed stitch for 100 rows, and you’ve got yourself a machine washable mat for kitty food dishes.

    6 comments to Earthquake Weather

    • Orli

      The weirdest part about the earthquake for me was that it felt so normal. I’m a Los Angeles native living in Philadelphia, and when you’re inside a lot sometimes you forget where you’re at. So…earthquake happens. It’s minor here in Philly, a few seconds of shaking, nothing fell, the cats look surprised but didn’t flip out. I note it, go “ehh that was nothing!” and go about my business.

      Until 20 minutes later when I realize I’m not IN Los Angeles, earthquakes are NOT normal here, and OMG IS THE WORLD ENDING HERE?? BY TINY EARTHQUAKE??

      Then I calmed down and went back to my knitting :)

    • My dad is a geologist, and for a goodly part of his career was head of the dept. in the university where he taught.

      So I remember when a couple of (truly tiny) earthquakes hit Ohio (where we lived) he got to be on television, explaining it, and basically telling people NOT to panic, it’s not the end of the world, and yes, earthquakes are possible “even here.”

    • Earthquake in Colorado? I missed that one. I need to email #1 Son in NYC and see if he felt it.

    • Like the kitty mat. I did some plain knitting of my own today. Mr. Swiffer needed a new… cover? pad? Whatever, now I can mop :)

    • Mich

      I’m miffed that I was driving in Richmond (40 miles from epicenter) and didn’t notice it!

      I was rather enjoying the local coverage too, till I turned to the weather channel for an Irene update and NYCers were commenting on it bringing back the terror of a certain Sept event.

      Ah well, here in southeastern VA we’ve mostly forgotten the earthquake, gots us a hurricane coming! Must go out and buy all thebread and water from the stores (well not us really, but there are folks who will, we just double check the camping supplies)

    • I noticed it, because all three cats were staring at me and asking me to make it stop. (I’m in upstate NY) If you want an interesting read, google the 1811-12 New Madrid Earthquakes. Yes, the East has them too! It’s just the West gets more press.

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