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    New Week; Fresh Start. (And Selbu Mittens Completed!)

    The rabies-addled bat hasn’t been seen since yesterday morning, so it’s presumed dead. I feel safe in leaving the house to tend to the chickens without my self-defense shovel in hand.

    The dental appointment went alright, although the tooth and surrounding gums are still a bit tender. The dentist suggested I chew on the other side of my mouth for the next week to give the tooth a rest, since the cavity had been impinging on the nerve.

    Have you ever made a concerted effort to chew on the other side of your mouth? It feels so weird, like writing with the wrong hand. I swear stuff tastes different over there. And it’s only a matter of time before I screw it up and chomp down on my tongue.

    Selbuvotter mittens

    With everything else going on, I was at my wit’s end with these mittens. In the end, I just tacked down the dropped stitch and rubbed the area vigorously to blend all the fibers together and make it look natural. All the while cursing myself for not having started this project a month earlier.

    It would have been better to rip back the thumb and re-knit it. But I had to submit them Sunday afternoon. So I just did what I could, and gave up.

    I briefly considered not submitting them at all, but the fair really likes people to submit stuff. In the end, I only submitted them out of a sense of civic generosity.

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