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    Street Fair, Day 1

    The weather was beautiful, I’ll say that! And there are certainly worse ways to spend a day than sitting outside, knitting and chatting and making the occasional foray down the block for treats and espresso.

    (I wasn’t feeling super great, but hey, enough Dayquil will take care of anything.)

    Neither I nor my table-mate sold anything, though. That was kind of a bummer. Actually, there weren’t many sales going on anywhere by the looks of it. Just a lot of sidewalk strollers and window shoppers.

    Mount Vernon street fair

    Saturday is The Big Day. There’s the usual Saturday farmer’s market, plus they’re blocking off the street for the Bite of Skagit festival. I am hoping that, worst-case scenario, I will at least be able to eat some food on a stick or strawberry shortcake… or both!

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