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    Super-Slow Selbuvotter Mittens

    I am trying not to FREAK OUT at how slowly the knitting is going on these.

    Selbuvotter mittens

    The deadline is fast approaching. And I won’t be able to work on them this weekend, because I’m sitting in on a table at a crafts fair here in Mount Vernon. (We’ll be in front of the Tattered Page if you want to stop by. I’m selling off some hand-dyed sock yarn left over from the former Etsy store.)

    When I was outside staging the picture, I noticed my first batch of chicks sprouting from one of my hens ‘n chicks plants.

    Selbuvotter mittens

    The hens ‘n chicks army marches on!

    3 comments to Super-Slow Selbuvotter Mittens

    • I was actually expecting to see chicks. Ahem.

      But you’re quite far along on the SSSM! You can do it handily.

    • A craft fair? Can you tell me where they are holding it? I’ll walk by and wave and admire the yarns. We took advantage of the break in the rain to pour a concrete patio this weekend… mixed the concrete ourselves, I could use a fun activity.

    • You’re further than you think. And the second one won’t take as long as the first. Knit on!

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