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    Brioche Stitch and Lion Brand Wool-Ease

    I hadn’t planned to do any charity knitting this year. Not proud of it; just stating a fact. Don’t have the knitting time to spare. It happens!

    But then as I was sorting through my stash I realized I had accumulated 2.5 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cranberry. This is the yarn and color I have always used for my Red Scarf projects in the past.

    Lion Brand WoolEase

    (How did I end up with so much left over? I can’t imagine, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with those Joann’s coupons.)

    After pondering it for a while, I settled on Brioche Stitch. This stitch has a lot to recommend it for scarves. It is non-curling, and after the set-up row you just knit the same two stitches over and over, forward and back.

    And best of all from my perspective, it uses up a LOT of yarn. That’s how it produces such a thick squooshy scarf.

    You may, like I once was, be utterly baffled by Brioche Stitch. Maybe you tried it, and failed utterly. Happened to me too. Then someone (Dorothy?) turned me on to Nancy Marchand’s site, which is all about Brioche Stitch, and suddenly Everything Made Sense.

    For this scarf I started with Plain Brioche Stitch, the first set of instructions on this page. For an explanation of the abbreviations, consult the terminology page. And you’re off and running!

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