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    Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

    4th of July weekend is a bit of a trial for those of us who live in tourist towns. Doubly so for me, because I live on tribal land. (It’s leased property – I’m white as they come.) There are no fireworks restrictions here, and… wow. Can you imagine?

    I try to have patience, and be grateful that I get to live here year-round instead of only being able to visit once or twice a year. And I take heart in the thought that it’s the sound of people having fun with their friends and family, and that’s a pretty nice thing to hear.

    (Earlier today, coming home from running errands, there’s a bit where you turn from the sun-blasted highway onto a road lined with big trees that arch overhead like a leafy cathedral, a tunnel through the cool, dark woods. The car in front of me had Arizona plates, and when they turned onto the road, the driver braked and wobbled a little, like “!!!” I imagine it was the [perfectly understandable] shock of a desert-dweller encountering The Woods. Funny stuff!)

    Finished the pinkandpurple Trekking XXL socks last night!

    Trekking XXL socks

    Hey Brady, can I have my pants, please?

    Cats <3 Laundry


    10 comments to Holiday Weekend in a Tourist Town

    • moiraeknittoo

      Gorgeous socks! I do love Trekking. And awww, kitteh! I used to work in a big tourist town in Colorado. I feel your pain.

    • raleigh

      Awww brady looking happy still I see. My version, carrot, pretty much has the same stance, esp. If the jeans are fresh from the dryer

    • Yeah, looks like Brady isn’t going to give up without a fight.
      Love the socks!
      I live in a no-fireworks state – I miss the firecrackers of my youth. Sparklers just don’t have the pizzazz…

    • ekittie

      I like the socks too. Pretty!

      I haven’t enjoyed the 4th for a very long time. The firecrackers are loud and annoying, they are REALLY SCARY to my dog, and, sure, there are a couple pretty ones, but I find them utterly boring.
      But, I also can’t stand hot dogs, apple pie or cheeseburgers, so, I guess I’m pretty much the Worst American Ever. hahaha

    • CraftyGryphon

      I live in Washington DC. The tourists outnumber the locals right now. (especially if you count Congress as mostly tourists.) We do have a few fireworks & explosives regs, though…

    • Really, you didn’t see the denial coming? He looks quite content.

      Hate fireworks. Too loud, too late, too crowded, too dull. They’ve put in so many restrictions that they’re not as pretty anymore either. At least this year we’re not in dire drought conditions but I still worry about the foothills across the street.

    • I live in a state where fireworks are allowed, pretty much no-holds-barred. But this year there’s a drought, and nearly every county around me has a burn ban, including a fireworks ban. NOT MY COUNTY.

      I’m trying to decide whether I’d rather risk having my roof burn up from a stray bottle-rocket, or risk fainting and falling off my ladder when I try to wet the roof down with the hose.

      I like the big public fireworks displays but I don’t care for the random homebrew shoot-em-off-yourself variety. I grew up in a state where it was pretty much illegal for individuals to purchase fireworks, so I can’t get used to my neighbors shooting stuff off all around me.

    • Erika

      Yikes! I would probably split the difference and stand on the ground and try and squirt the hose real hard, like with my thumb! I feel for you… I have been very glad to have a metal roof, even though I’m way far away from anyone shooting off fireworks.

    • Northmoon

      Happy 4th of July!

      Man, I wouldn’t argue with that cat. Hope you have another pair of pants to wear!

    • Here in this tourist/cabin area, a guy drowned in our lake on the 4th of July weekend. Fifth annual Fourth of July weekend cabin party, held at host’s parents’ cabin, no semblance of [actual] adult supervision, the Facebook invitation page listed “boat capsizing, alcohol consumption, pyrotechnics research” among the activities for the weekend. Scratch one 22-yo male, victim of testosterone poisoning, youthful exuberance, and lack of good sense.

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