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    What I’m Not Knitting

    Trekking XXL

    The county fair is coming up soon. I have picked my project (more Selbuvotter mittens: NHM #7) and obtained my yarn (emergency shipment from Two Swans Yarn).

    And… that’s where we are with that.

    The deadline is looming on the horizon. August somethingth? I think. Not sure. Can’t bring myself to look it up.

    What with work, and allergies, and FEMALE TROUBLES, I’m suffering from a big ol’ case of “Meh” this week.

    Making good progress on the second pinkandpurple sock, though! Such a boring, mindless pattern. So comforting.

    3 comments to What I’m Not Knitting

    • moiraeknittoo

      One day I will get off my ass and enter something into The Fair. This year is not that year, so I shall live vicariously through you!

    • ekittie

      Yeah, I feel the same exact way. Minus the allergies.

      Sooooo…. not really exact, I guess.
      But I saved a creepy giant cricket when I got home from work this morning.
      It actually made me start feeling a bit better. I am so weird. lol!

    • I hear you on the comfort of boring/mindless. The only knitting project that is progressing at my house is the garter stitch sweater…

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