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    More Felties

    Didn’t make as much progress this weekend as I would have liked. I felted the bits for the black-and-white kitty, but didn’t get him assembled. Found the bunny, though!

    felted kitty

    I lost a substantial chunk of today. This has been a terrible allergy season, and I’ve been having to take Benadryl every night to get to sleep. Except that it wore off early, and I woke up at 4AM sneezing.

    4AM isn’t a good time to make strategic decisions: I took 2 more Benadryl. Good news: slept well after that! Bad news: slept until 10AM. Yikes!

    Lesson there being, no more Benadryl after midnight!

    5 comments to More Felties

    • Awwww, love the little bunny.
      Nyquil affects me like that. I have to actually take it IN BED, otherwise I wake up six hours later on the floor, halfway between the medicine cabinet and bed…

    • Tari

      The bunny is cute. Is there a dog pattern? I might be tempted into trying felting for a cute doggy.

      Yikes. Used to happen to me on Benadryl too; then I had to switch to Rx meds. Now I get that way from a full dose of Sudafed. (Maybe only a half dose if it happens again?) Not helpful with a little person around. Bad allergy season here too–I’ve never been more ready for everything to die off from the cold.

    • Or food, lest you turn into a gremlin. And then where would we be? Without a Sims Sunday, I bet.

      Damned gremlins…

    • I usually live off Benadryl to the point where it hardly affects me anymore. but the active ingredient in Benadryl is Diphenhydramine HCL and the max dose of 50mg is the exact same ingredient and dosage as extra strength Unisom. I’ve used Unisom when someone didn’t have any Benadryl for allergies

      Crazy stuff.

    • Cute bunny! Oh, I remember those days of drugged alleries. I’ve mostly outgrown it /knocks on wood.

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