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    Danica – Complete!

    I finished the Danica scarf last night, wove in all the ends, and gave it a nice blocking. As I had hoped, the stitches sorted themselves out nicely in the blocking, and the individual sections flattened out and became less “pillowy.”

    Here’s one from the back, because I know you all like to look under the hood!

    Now, the ends. This part is interesting! (Note that the ends are tapered on purpose, per Elizabeth Zimmerman’s injunction, thus creating the rounded corners.)

    Sarah sent me an info-licious message about adding a border to entrelac knitting. I don’t fully understand the mathematics involved, but if you want to put a border on your entrelac, in order for it to lie flat, you want to cast on .70 as many stitches as are in the entrelac part.

    In the case of Danica, the scarf is 20 stitches across, so the border on the ends needed to be 28 stitches (20 / .70 = 28-ish). So when I got to the final two triangles, I picked up an extra 8 stitches on my way across, and knit six rows of seed stitch.

    You can see the truth of this rule of thumb in this picture. The beginning of the scarf is on the right – see how it puckers and sulks? The end of the scarf is at the left – doesn’t it lie nicely flat?

    Good trick, eh?

    Pattern: Danica scarf published in Knitty, designed by YarnBoy.

    Yarn: Cascade 220 in 8400 (dark charcoal) and 8401 (silver), with accents in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, avocado and cinnamon.

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