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    The life of a freelancer is “feast or famine.” Some weeks you laze around until noon, work until 3PM, then knock off for the day – and lie awake at night wondering how long you can hold off paying the cell phone bill before they suspend your service. Other weeks you’ll be up and running from first thing in the morning until nine or ten at night – and have a little party in your mind as the checks roll in.

    The last few weeks have been “feast” weeks. Which is pretty great in a lot of ways! But it also tends to deplete my stash of patience with the world. And last night I was completely out of food, so I had to drag my sorry self to the grocery store at about 7PM.

    Even at the best of times, you do not wanna cross me at the grocery store. I hate everything about grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on a weekday evening after several weeks of super-long days? BITCH I WILL CUT YOU.

    But this one dude, by all appearances a wealthy older tourist, HE DID NOT GET THE MEMO.

    Long story short, he survived his encounter, even if he didn’t deserve to. And by the time I finally made it home, I was far too frazzled to cut out tiny pieces of felt and sew them on just so.

    Trekking XXL sock

    Instead, I knit two or three rounds on the second Trekking XXL sock and called it a night.

    (The big project ended today, and I’m giving myself a three-day weekend to celebrate. Although by “celebrate” I mostly mean “do laundry and dishes and sort through the giant stack of mail,” but hey.)

    11 comments to STEP BACK.

    • Katharine

      Glad somebody hates grocery shopping as much as I do. Pretty sock :)

    • Count me in on the haters of grocery shopping. If my town had a delivery service, I’d be all over that.

    • I hate grocery shopping, too. Did he make suggestions about your coffee choice?

    • Erika

      Worse! He got all aggressively trying to rush me at the self-checkout line. Dropped his stuff on the plate and started trying to scan something while I WAS STILL PAYING FOR MY TRANSACTION AT THE PIN PAD.

      I was all, “Rowrr, fffffft!!!!”

    • Well, that’s just impolite and rude!! I say he should have at least been decapitated!

    • two silver cats

      I love your reaction! Do you always turn into a mean kitty when you’re mad? 😉

    • Kimi

      ooh, that would frustrate me, too. The worst part is that I’ve been so sleep deprived lately (a baby will do that to you) that it would confuse me and I’d completely mess everything up. Not that I’ve had to have a manager come over and override the selfcheckout machines…more than once a week.

      (And seriously, why does putting your own bag on the bag stand completely mess up the computer?)

    • Erika

      two silver cats: ALWAYS. Also, with the caps lock!

    • He’s lucky all you did was hiss and spit. I’d have unsheathed the claws.
      But then, I work in retail. I’ve got a hair-trigger when it comes to any kind of shopping…

    • Sara

      My Honey works part time. I work full time. Guess who does the grocery shopping (dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, catbox …) 😛

      I hiss at people, too. It confuses them.

    • I hate all shopping and people who crowd me annoy me. (Not that it’s hard to do). I tend to passively aggressively slow down and chat them up. People in a hurry hate to be chatted up. That cheers me enormously.

      CUTE kitty cat!

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