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    Suddenly, A Sock

    I meant to mention this sock sooner, but stuff kept coming up.

    Trekking XXL

    This is Trekking XXL sock yarn, and isn’t it in an uncharacteristic colorway for me? This is color #78, pinkandpurple, and I traded for it with a knitting friend. I love getting unusual stuff in trades – things I would never have picked out for myself, but I end up loving absolutely.

    Just as my once-broken wrist predicted, a big wind and rain storm moved in last night. And today: blue skies and sunny.

    7 comments to Suddenly, A Sock

    • Slager

      Nice sock! And I like the color.

      Did you know that your blog entries aren’t being announced through Twitter anymore? I only noticed because I came over and saw that I had missed three of them. Probably because of changing the RSS feed? I dunno. Technical stuff.

    • Erika

      OH I bet you’re right! Thanks for the heads up!

    • moiraeknittoo

      I dig Trekking XXL yarn! I am jealously hoarding my skeins of 100 to make into something for myself one day!

    • A fine sock, indeed. And in a color I would not have expected from Erika, which is not to say that it is not a color that Erika could enjoy 😉

      I always expected my ankle that I broke in 2008 to warn me of changes in the weather, but apparently it read the scientific literature that says that is not medically possible.

    • Sara

      What a fun sock!

      I’m glad you’re OK, despite the other driver’s attempt. Almost-accidents are so scary, because they keep replaying with all the what-ifs and I-shouldas. (shudder) Glad you’re OK!

    • Saw this post at Sprite Stitch today, and immediately decided that you had to see it!

      ‘Woohoo’ quilt square

    • Love the colors!! Someday I’ll try Trekking, but all I’ve ever seen are skeins of gray and brown. Evidently, someone always beats me to the pretty colors…

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