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    Polar Bear Aftermath (Rawr!)

    First of all, I should say that even though I have complained about knitting this hat, the pattern itself is really great.

    It’s six pages long, with charts, clear instructions, and great explanations of techniques. I never felt lost while knitting it. (I mean, as long as I remembered to read it.) I particularly appreciated the way that the charts, which are in color, are clarified with symbols for those of us with only black-and-white printers. (Square-with-a-dot, square-with-a-triangle, square-with-an-X, etc.)

    Worth every penny!

    One of the enduring surprises in knitting this hat is how little yarn it took. I just weighed the completed hat, and it clocks in at 73 grams. Distributed across five skeins, you can guess how little I used of each individual color.

    Jamieson Shetland Tweed

    The irony being that I chose this pattern specifically in order to use up stash yarn!

    But I gather that this is the way colorwork goes. You buy lots of wee little balls of yarn, and you only use small amounts, and eventually you accumulate this huge stash of every color under the sun. And whenever you have a new project, you just pick out the yarn from your collection.

    3 comments to Polar Bear Aftermath (Rawr!)

    • Guess you have to make another one (trudge trudge) :) or an entralac scarf!

    • In theory. In reality you’ll need entirely different colors than in your stash. Which has every possible color under the sun except X, Y & Z. Which you need.

      Your polar bear hat is really fabulous.

    • Clearly, you need to make another polar bear hat and switch the colors around a bit. Maybe a grizzly bear hat — a dark brown bear against a background of dead grass (light brown).

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