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    Polar Bear Hat: Finished-Ish

    I say “ish” because it still needs a good, firm blocking. And I may swap out the tassel for a pompom. Oh, and there are about 10,000 ends left to weave in.

    Polar Bear Chullo

    Still having trouble grappling with how long it took to knit this. It’s just a hat, for pity’s sake! A tall hat, in tiny tiny stitches. (I got gauge on size 0 needles.)

    This hat has also convinced me that I have no actual interest in knitting “real” Fair Isle. That’s where the background color changes every few rows. (And in this pattern, the foreground color does, as well.) For those who enjoy knitting it, that’s awesome, more power to ya. I do not.

    But hey, I enjoy knitting intarsia, which is most people’s least favorite technique. Maybe every knitter can only handle one of those.

    12 comments to Polar Bear Hat: Finished-Ish

    • Lauren

      That theory sounds pretty solid to me. I enjoy fair isle, but knitting intarsia makes me want to poke my eyes out with the needles. Your hat looks amazing!

    • Karen M.

      I love the hat. I have started this pattern a few times. I have one colour combo on the needles and will finish it ( I hope ) over the summer. If that ever arrives. Knit picks palette felts fairly easily with use. Low tech option ? Love the peeps and the turkey hat too.

    • casey

      Most impressive!

    • One cool hat that will keep your noggin super warm!
      I keep being tempted to simply knit that tight a weave for my hub’s head, but even though it’s just black/solid black that he wants my hands cry just thinking of it. The OCD part of me goes yesssssssssssssssssss

    • tari

      Ok this may sound silly, but since I’ve never gotten the nerve to try either one….What exactly is the difference between Fair Isle and Intarsia? They seem to be kinda the same to me.

    • Charlotte

      Dude. Wow.

    • Brandi

      Awesome hat! Best knitted polar bears I’ve ever seen, bar none.

    • Finished! It’s gorgeous. I do love the tassell.

      Those ends? pfft. I actually felted my Mary Tudor’s sleeves on the inside because I did not feel like weaving them all in. (It’s only the start of the yarn at the color changes, not the ends and now I know a trick to add the new color that weaves those in as well.) (I may hate follow up.).

    • Slager

      I bet it’s plenty warm with all that yarn, at least!

      Also, I don’t like Fair Isle either. I do enjoy lace, though; that is my forte when it comes to complicated knitting.

    • Jennifer

      That is a beautiful hat! Have you tried it on your head yet? (Of course you have.) Does it fit well? Do the cats approve?

    • Meg Mcg

      That shows some skill right there! That’s the kind of thing I imagine those certified “Master Knitters” do all the time.
      This is for you, right?

    • Erika

      It does fit, although it’s a bit small. I’m hoping a good firm blocking will help the fit.

      It makes me look like a complete imbecile, but I love it anyway.

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