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    Almost There…!

    I had really really hoped to finish the Polar Bear Hat this weekend. I was able to finish knitting the body, but didn’t get to the i-cord trim.

    Polar Bear Chullo

    Every Sunday night I watch the animation shows on Fox (Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc). As I have for the last 23 years, more or less. You can get a lot of knitting done, in between laughs. This was when I had planned to finish the hat.

    But this Sunday I had a commitment that ran WAY late. I didn’t get home until 9:15, and then I had to feed the cats, lock up the chickens for the night, and all that bustling around that always needs doing when you have been away from home all day.

    Luckily I was able to watch everything on Hulu today. But it’s not the same. And without my usual Sunday night, the whole week just feels… wrong.

    4 comments to Almost There…!

    • Oh, I hate it when my schedule gets messed up! Especially when it’s something I’ve been doing the schedule for years!

    • I am really loving that hat!
      I’m a creature of habit, myself. Just hate when my routine gets disrupted. It leaves me feeling unanchored, somehow.

    • And can I just say, that hat is amazing! I doing know how to knit, I’m a crochet person. But I can’t do something as amazing as that!

    • Erika

      Thanks! I’m a little jealous of crocheters, one day I want to crochet an afghan. One day!

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