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    Turkey Hat Time!

    Oh what a week. I have a lot on my plate, and I find myself having to make a lot of tough decisions. Like the decision to put my Splines blog on indefinite hiatus. That one hurt, and it was a hard thing to do, even though I know it was the right choice for now. (Sims Sunday will continue unabated.)

    Today, in between all the other things I have to do, I’m hoping to turn this pile of bacon wings and “hat with a butt ruffle” into a turkey.

    cash cow days

    Being able to participate in the Cash Cow Days event would be great for my career as an artist. But dang, that deadline was a short one!

    2 comments to Turkey Hat Time!

    • Gobble gobble!
      (It really was a short deadline.)

    • Erika

      Well… to be fair, the deadline has been out there for months now. I only just remembered it a couple of weeks ago.

      Next year I’ll be on top of it, though!

      (Note: that is what I said last year.)

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