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    A Despicable Scarf

    (Big thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy of Channeltown Knitting #1! It really means a lot to me!)

    Even though I’m under a deadline with the Turkey Hat, I find my hands keep returning to the Despicable Me scarf. The only part left for the Turkey Hat is the most difficult bit, and I’m just not up to it by the end of the day.

    despicable me scarf

    It’s just round and round, knit knit knit, 16 rounds of light gray and 8 rounds of dark gray. Knot together the ends – no need to weave them in! It’s so wonderfully soothing, and it goes so quickly, I’m surprised I haven’t made a scarf like this sooner.

    (I have blocked aside some time this weekend to finish the Turkey Hat. The deadline is May 2nd. Plenty of time!)

    3 comments to A Despicable Scarf

    • I loved the movie and that scarf is really cute. Makes me want to knit something like that!

    • I find your concept of “plenty of time” both troubling and familiar….

    • Erika

      Hee hee! I know, right? The last two weeks have been absolutely insane and action-packed. And yet I remain convinced that I will be able to devote the better part of Saturday to working on the hat.

      Oh well – it’s not a “real” deadline, in the sense that anything bad happens if I miss it. I can save the hat and submit it next year.

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