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    Sims Sunday: Another Big Move

    Things weren’t going well in Bridgeport. For one thing, I was having a terrible time heaving Felicity up the star ladder. Although she was pretty thrilled when some random guy wanted to take her picture with his cell phone!

    sims sunday

    Bridgeport is experiencing a real scarcity of other celebrities. You gain celebrity points by befriending celebrities, so this is a problem.

    I had such a terrible time finding them to befriend that I cashed in some of Adirim’s Lifetime Happiness points to get the Map to the Stars reward. Once I got the map, I found that there are exactly three other celebrities in Bridgeport.

    Her aunts Stairway and Ginseng…

    sims sunday

    And her uncle motd.

    sims sunday

    That’s right: only three celebrities, and she’s already friends with them.

    I had to use Adirim’s points for the reward, because something is broken about Felicity. In addition to her bizarre swings in weight, she doesn’t accumulate Lifetime Happiness points. Very inconvenient.

    Speaking of Adirim, she started her 97th day with a bit of light gardening.

    sims sunday

    And ended it shaking the Grim Reaper’s hand.

    sims sunday

    The only thing that could console Felicity was spending some time with her beloved bouncer, Jeffrey.

    sims sunday

    Their relationship was at about 85% positive, which is ridiculously high. Too bad, too, because at this point I learned that he has the “Commitment-Phobic” trait.

    Theoretically I probably could have overcome this if I could have bought Felicity the “Hopeless Romantic” Lifetime Reward. It’s like Sim Roofies – no Sim will deny your Romantic advances if you have that reward.

    But she wasn’t accruing Lifetime Happiness points.

    Well, no time like the present. I invited him over, romanced him up, and then had Felicity pop the question.

    sims sunday


    sims sunday

    She was crushed.

    Thinking that perhaps she just had a bouncer fetish, I sent her out to a bar to work it out with another bouncer.

    sims sunday

    But he just wasn’t into it.

    The next morning, I invited Jeffrey over again. Unfortunately he had somehow heard about Felicity hitting on some other dude. He was not happy, and rejected all of her Romantic advances.

    sims sunday

    She was heartbroken, as you can see.

    sims sunday

    She tried apologizing.

    sims sunday

    But it did no good. He ran away. Like, literally.

    sims sunday

    And here we are. Having a dickens of a time fulfilling her lifetime wish. Mother dead. Only romantic prospect rejected. Broken Lifetime Rewards clock. No prospects. ARGH.

    And so, on a whim…

    sims sunday

    I moved her back to the ancestral Alphabetti home in Riverside!

    8 comments to Sims Sunday: Another Big Move

    • Hopefully she’ll have better luck celebrity-stalking in Riverside…
      (And is that a money tree?)

    • She apologized so he tried to give her a postage stamp? This is why I would be so bad at this game.

    • gabes

      Hey, when I had a bad breakup I moved home too! that’s what hometowns are for.
      Good luck getting her a husband/wife. Trying to get sims together sometimes becomes bizarrely impossible. And frustrating.

    • Erika

      Hee hee! That is actually exactly what I was thinking – “I need to move home!”

    • Anonymous

      Is the last picture supposed to be of a knitting handbook? It confused me…

    • Erika

      Um, no, it isn’t! Thanks for letting me know – fixed now!

    • Juliet

      I just spent the better half of a weekend + some more time reading Sims Sunday from as close as I got to the beginning (with some Sims 2 witch looking out for some cats??) till this post. It’s so good!

      Your next challange should be to get an internet boyfriend/girlfriend. Like your person can only befriend people through chatting on internet, and then invite the person over to try to get them to become their husband/wife.

    • Erika

      Thanks! I didn’t know you can do that, make friends by chatting with someone online – I’ll have them give it a shot next week!

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