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    Despicable Me Scarf

    I watched Despicable Me last weekend, and (predictably) was smitten with Gru’s scarf.

    despicable me

    It has everything I like in a scarf: dark gray, and light gray.

    despicable me scarf

    Got a ways to go on this one, but it should make a nice “mindless knitting” project.

    Speaking of projects, if you’re a Destination Truth fan you may be interested in one of my newest ventures, the Destination Truth Blog. I’m working hard in the background to bring it up to speed, and there are still some bare patches here and there, but it’s coming along nicely.

    7 comments to Despicable Me Scarf

    • I loved Despicable Me! Can’t wait to see the finished scarf

    • Xeres



      We love this movie :)

      I was smitten by an animated-movie knit myself – see Your project is rather more attainable, though! I’ve got as far as dyeing the fibre … and then ground to a halt.

      Also, LOVE your cherry blossoms! <3

    • Xeres

      Er, whoops. Plum blossoms!

    • Aww love the project! I’m working on one of those “mindless knitting” projects too.. or at least it seems like that sometimes. I’m making a massive patchwork afghan (72 squares that at 30 stitches wide and 55 rows long!). I finally got the first 2 rows put together in the last few days – you can see a photo on my blog! :)

    • You have flowers.

    • heather t

      I took the kids to see it in 3D when it first came out and the knitting BLEW ME AWAY. There are a ton of knitted items in the movie, not always noticeable in 2D or on my tiny non-HD television. I loved Gru’s scarf as well as Agnes’ (?) hat she always wore.

      What yarn are you using for the Gru scarf? If you don’t mind sharing… 😀

    • Erika

      It’s just Patons Classic Wool – a.k.a. “a good use of the Joann’s monthly 50% off coupon” yarn!

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