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Cat Haz Been Trolled

When you live out in the woods, spring brings with it all sorts of animal wackiness. Like mice getting trapped in garbage cans. And neighbor cats trolling your house.

cat troll

Don’t you just love the expression on the neighbor cat’s face?

“Did someone say something?” He seems to be asking. “Because I thought I heard a noise, but I sure don’t see anything. Nope, nothing to see here. Doop dee doo, just sitting around, minding my own business.”

cat troll


Neighbor cat: “Dum dee dum.”

9 comments to Cat Haz Been Trolled

  • Troll cat: “PROBLEM, kitty?”

  • knitopia

    That neighbor cat looks so smug!

  • kt

    *snickering madly over here*

    We had two cats a while back. Cat 1 was older and a bit bitter. Cat 2 was a big dumb cuddlebug of a guy. Cat 2 would stroll unsuspectingly into a room, passig within a parsec of Cat 1 who would rush him and slap him repeatedly in the face, then run away. Cat 2 would sit down and look confused.

    We call this the “IHATEYOUIHATEYOUIHATEYOU’ manuver.

  • Xeres

    Hilarious kittypics!

    What is trolling? I am unfamiliar with this term.

  • Poor Brady. There’s nothing more maddening than doop-de-dooing…

  • We live in the ghetto (I can’t say “in the ghetto” without singing it like Elvis in my head) in Boston and we have SO many cats stray or otherwise wandering through our yard, it’s like a menagerie. We have one little calico who I call Killer Kitty because she came through one day in January and killed 3 sparrows in 15 minutes. I watched it happen and I have never seen a cat so successful. She has since killed many other birds and rats in our yard and eats every last one to nothing. My MIL is horrified by her and wants to run her off but I convince her to let her stay, if she’s willing to kill rats I’m willing to let her have some slow birds especially if she’s eating them.

  • ekittie

    lmfao. This made me laugh the first time I saw it, and it just did it again. Hi-lar-i-ous.

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