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Free Knitted Bluebell Pattern

Attention UK readers! Commenter Monkeylina works for the Woodland Trust, a woodland conservation charity based in the UK.

She has developed a bluebell knitting pattern that you can knit and leave, along with a tag with the site’s URL, in order to encourage people to check out their local bluebell wood. Click here to visit their site and submit your email address to get the free pattern – it’s pretty adorable!

The Woodland Trust website also has a lot of cool features, including a tool that helps you find your nearest bluebell wood, bluebell ID information, and more.

(Can you tell I’m finally going through my email box today?!)

2 comments to Free Knitted Bluebell Pattern

  • trifarina

    Neato! I’m in Texas and this would be just as fun here as in the UK!

  • Hi Erika (and all), thank you for posting the bluebells pattern! I can’t take the credit for designing it! Feel free to repost anywhere and everywhere, we’re really keen to share this fab pattern with everyone. Thanks again, Helen x