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    She’s Got Dishcloths In Her Pocket

    Here are the two dishcloths I finished yesterday. What with the power outage, it turned out to be a Two Dishcloth Day.


    Not sure how many more dishcloths I’ll end up knitting. This run might be nearing an end. It’s definitely petering out, anyway. Because I am BORED.

    This is day 3 snowbound at home. SO BORING. (And have you ever noticed that if you get bored, and you watch TV, it only makes you more bored?)

    So I decided to at least make some motions like I might start the project I became obsessed with the last time I was snowbound. (And I didn’t have the right needle size to knit it.)

    polar bear chullo

    This is all the fixins for the Polar Bear Chullo hat. (I keep adding the word “bear” but it’s not in the real title.)

    Will I knit it? Hard to say. At least I got all the little bits together, so I can start on it if the spirit moves me.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tramp through the snow to put the chickens to bed.

    9 comments to She’s Got Dishcloths In Her Pocket

    • Debi

      That is such a cute hat, you really ought to knit it. You are not allowed to complain about the snow, we here in Chicago have had a ton of it this year. Right now it is snowing with no signs of spring!

    • I love that hat – and it looks like a fun knit.
      We’re supposed to get a foot or so of snow today. *sigh*

    • Franz

      How come the “next post” link points left and the “previous post” link points right? Are you being unconventional on purpose? Don’t you know that God decreed that time moves from left to right?

    • Erika

      Oh weird, I hadn’t noticed that! It’s set that way by default in the theme… but I poked around the theme’s control panel and found a drop-down menu to change it!

      This is as good a time as any to mention that the Atahualpa theme for WordPress is one of those things that has made my life so much better!

    • Kimi

      We haven’t gotten any snow around here lately…although saying that means we will get lots tomorrow.

      I appear to be bored, too. I have started several projects this week and finished…none of them. this means that sometime in the next few days I will either frog them all, or finish in a flurry of knitting and sewing.

      Or I could play Sims. My insane asylum is hilarious, mostly because I stopped trying to get her out. Half of them hate each other. Nobody will fix anything. And they keep trying to go into the main house, which I left because I still want it.

    • jenn

      Bahaha, you did end up working dishcloths into a million songs! This is a meme in the making.

    • Gail

      So how do the chickens cope when it snows? Are they protected with the tractor? Do they hide? Do they freak out?

      Nosy minds want to know…loving the blog…..

    • Erika

      Yeah, sorry, I’ve been meaning to post a chicken update, but there have been a lot of ill-timed internet outages lately! I’ll write about the chickens Monday, internet willing!

    • But there are bears in that cap. They must be polar bears. It’ll be cute! And, judging from that snow, necessary.

      Cheetos is absolutely a good dinner. TPTB are always admonishing us to eat colorful food, right? What could be more colorful, I ask you? and therefore healthy.

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