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    Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland

    It’s surprisingly wintry here. Like, “actual wintry” not “Pacific Northwest wintry” (which is where it’s 45 degrees and raining and everyone’s lawn turns a nice vivid green). The snow started last night, and it just didn’t stop.

    winter storm

    Here’s my railing at a solid 6″ of snow. It eventually maxed out at 8″ before it got to the point where more snow just compacted itself further, instead of getting taller.

    winter storm

    (That is the world’s worst ruler, by the way. It’s impossible to read, but as a knitter, I use it all the time. I don’t know why I haven’t thrown it away and bought a legible replacement.)

    The snow also brought fallen branches, which were no doubt responsible for this morning’s five-hour power outage.

    Sometimes I complain about my antique iPod. But look how much battery life it had left after playing me podcasts for four hours this morning!

    winter storm

    One charge gives me about 30 hours of listening time. I’ve heard the newer models last… not quite that long.

    11 comments to Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland

    • Franz

      Hey, that looks just like my iPod (2G Nano), but mine doesn’t give me no 30 hours.

      P.S. Where are the dishcloths?

    • Franz

      P.P.S. The snow’s just been teasing us in Seattle. A little falls now and then but on the ground we’ve got Jack. Cliff promises us more action soon.

    • Erika

      If our stuff is moving south, then you guys are really in for it!

      I think we have the same model, mine’s a 2G Nano, too. Pretty sure mine only has the ridiculously long battery life because for years I’ve been telling it “When you stop holding a charge, I will allow myself to replace you with something cooler.”

      In other words, it’s just doing it out of spite.

    • But the snow is so purty! I’ll happily look at your pictures while enjoying Colorado’s abnormally mild weather. :)

    • Slager

      I still have my older-than-the-nano iPod mini with the black-and-white screen… I liked it because it’s pink. It sure doesn’t hold a charge for that long anymore!

    • Your yard looks like mine but with rather less snow (neener, neener). I was amazed when I drove into Minneapolis today to see how high the snow is now piled on the side streets — over my head in some placed. The Midwest is facing some spectacular flooding when it all melts. (Not us, though; both our houses are high enough to avoid problems.)

      I didn’t know it actually ever snowed in the PNW. Learn something new every day…

    • Xeres

      I think the newer ones don’t hold a charge so long because there are so many other things you can do with them. Like Facebook. And Mail. And playing Angry Birds, just fer instance. Think yourself lucky that your iPod is too antique to do that – you’d get no knitting done at all. Ask me how I know.

      The wintery pictures are berry beautimous! I may have to nick that first one and use it as a Christmas card, or something.

      in Sydney, where it’s been 28C all day and I’ve been stuck in the school canteen :)

    • Mich

      Mmm, I have an old (likely ancient) iPod, maybe 4th gen, that thing has lasted days with intermittent use. Definitely longer than the mobile phone when in constant use!

      Purdy snow, can I have some?

    • At least your nice fresh snow is pretty. Our snow is crusty and ancient and deep and mean…

    • That looks beautiful. I wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest! Sigh.

    • Sara

      One of the fun details about PNW snow is that when you make a snowperson, the grass springs up green underneath. I didn’t know that was unusual until I moved to Colorado, where the grass was dead and brown All Winter Long.

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