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    Buy My Penny Arcade TPB on EBay; Proceeds To RAINN

    I have been watching the Dickwolves controversy go farther and farther downhill since it all started last August. My feelings about the original comic are mixed, to say the least. But my feelings about Mike and Jerry’s behavior since then are very clear. They started out acting like jerks, and pretty much kept making things worse from there. (Have you seen Mike’s Twitter action since 1/31? DUDE.)

    Part of the reason why they are so dismissive is that they don’t feel that they’re upsetting their own audience. That it’s, like, outside agitators causing all the trouble. (Hardly!)

    Well, I am their audience – I have been for at least a decade – or at least I was their audience. I was quite the fangirl, too. I bought this TPB at their booth, but I was too starstruck to ask them to sign it.

    But in the wake of everything that’s happened in the last few months… it just makes me sad. Every time I glance up at the bookshelf over my desk and spot the book’s spine I think, “Man, I really used to love Penny Arcade, but now it’s just depressing.”

    Except for the last time, when I glanced up and saw it and thought, “I should just list it for sale on eBay.”

    And so I have. And I will donate the full purchase price to RAINN.

    This is the second Penny Arcade TPB. It collects their strips from 2001, and also includes a ton of commentary, plus a fat section of great artwork in the back. It’s funny stuff, and I know someone will be stoked to get this book on the cheap. It is in pristine condition, and I’m happy to ship internationally.

    5 comments to Buy My Penny Arcade TPB on EBay; Proceeds To RAINN

    • Slager

      I’m adding my two cents here, just because I’ve also been watching the whole debacle unfold and am, well, a little surprised how big of a deal the issue has gotten of late.

      I’m a big ol’ Penny Arcade fan… at least, I think I still am. What always made me respect them more than other people connected with the video game industry was that the two core creators seemed like very decent people, with wives and children and such, and a fun-looking workplace with both men and women working there (in fact, one of my former classmates works for PA.) Yes, all this despite their ability to make off-color jokes, in their comics and their podcasts and what have you. Nothing offended me terribly, not even the rape joke, which I guess I didn’t see as a rape joke at first. There were no women involved, and, of course, arguably when most people think of rape they think of women being the ones raped. Anyway. It wasn’t until someone pointed it out that I thought it might be seen as insensitive. And now their responses, and responses to responses, just make me sadder and sadder. Was it wrong of them to make such a joke in the first place? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet, and I might not ever.

      So, not that this comment has much of a point, but I’m just wondering what can be done for everyone to be happy again. Like if Mike and Jerry just came right out, and apologized, and said, “Can we all stop talking about this?” and then everyone would forget about it. That’s what I would want to happen, but methinks it won’t.

      Anyway, what makes me the saddest of all is that –– like you, I suppose –– this ordeal affects my enjoyment of the PA franchise as a whole. Sigh.

    • what a bummer. I do think they are basically good guys (their entire Childs Play concept for example) but I think that they just really screwed up. They didn’t see the offense, didn’t mean any, but they handled it like a coupla insensitive pricks. Which is basically weird really.
      Other than that, I’m going to hope they learn from it overall and don’t repeat the mistake. One should only get by acting like a pre-teen, and therefore clueless, for so long in life. I still plan to read and enjoy their comics, with some hope.

    • I used to read PA, but just plain fell out of the habit several years ago, so was unaware of any of this. It all looks rather sad from here…

    • Erika

      Slager, you raise a really good question, “What can be done?” I wanted to kind of ponder it before responding. Of course, they did apologize at one point – Mike’s blog post about why they stopped selling the t-shirts was essentially an apology. I was happy to leave it there. But then he just couldn’t… keep… his mouth… shut.

      Mike’s behavior throughout this whole incident has just been SO over-the-top and manifestly Incorrect. I hate to psychologize random strangers on the internet, but it makes me wonder if he doesn’t have some, like, un-dealt-with incidents from his past to deal with there. I know he had a pretty rough early life, and he’s had his share of challenges since then.

      This would explain his behavior, but it certainly wouldn’t justify it. He’s old enough to know better.

      Anyway, as far as Penny Arcade is concerned, Mike has thoroughly burnt that bridge.

      He has employed scorched earth tactics from the beginning, and made it clear how little respect he has for people like me. There’s no scenario in which I can go back to enjoying the comic. In the same way that there’s no scenario in which I could go back to enjoying a Mel Gibson movie. (I recently learned that Mel Gibson once called Winona Ryder an “oven dodger”! DUDE.)

      That being said, we keep saying “they.” But I don’t think Jerry has been involved in any of this, except tangentially. As the person who generally has more sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s as taken aback by all this (and as powerless to stop it) as any of us. If Jerry ever engaged in a solo project, I’d be very interested to see it.

    • I have no idea what any of you are talking about. But that’s okay. I’ll come back on another day when you are speaking English. Or chickens. Or knitting.

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