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    Sims Sunday: More Adventures

    I ticked a lot of final items off my challenge list this week! In Egypt Wilma started hitting on a store clerk. (They can’t get away.)

    sims sunday

    Sopdu Hawas was a little bashful at first, but he quickly gave in. (While a paparazzi took notes.) (Gross.)

    sims sunday

    Wilma went home, invited Sopdu to visit, and took him out to dinner at the diner to fulfill the terms of the challenge.

    sims sunday

    Maybe a little less than romantic for having baby Ferris Wheel in hand, but whatever.

    Speaking of baby Ferris Wheel, look at these demon child eyes!

    sims sunday


    As a bridge to her life post-challenge, I had Wilma start working on her writing skills. Vacation time was great for this, since time stops in “the real world” while you’re away on vacation. It’s like a little bit of time travel!

    Here she’s working on her first novel, Snow White and the Madness of Truth.

    sims sunday

    And isn’t it beautiful in China?

    sims sunday

    Wilma, stop daydreaming and pay attention to the view! Oh they’re hopeless sometimes.

    She picked up an incense burner in Egypt. This particular kind of incense prevents your Fun score from dropping. This means that you can write for hours and hours at a time without getting stressed out, as long as it’s burning.

    sims sunday

    I could use one of those myself!

    (It costs money to light the incense. But you can save money by sticking it in your backpack without extinguishing it. The next time you pull it out, it will still be burning! Kids, don’t try this at home.)

    Back at home, the boys grew into children. It’s clear that they will both be vampires. The first thing they wanted to do after they grew up was have a “Plasma Pack.”

    sims sunday

    You have to complete eight Adventures to finish the challenge. I got stymied with one of them. Remember how those weird old guys got mad when Wilma fell in love with Lea Dutiel? Well, one of the challenges meant that Wilma had to go into their basement to solve a mystery.

    Problem being: he wouldn’t let her in the house.

    sims sunday

    So it was back to writing. There are desks at the Nectary located conveniently beside the Nectar Makers, so you can work on your laptop while you wait for the still to finish.

    Wilma finished her first novel, and her is working on her second, Clanwilliam Dam.

    sims sunday

    And here we have Romantic Liason #7, Alain Lefebvre.

    sims sunday

    (No idea why Wilma is saluting him.)

    Back in Egypt for one last challenge. Uh oh, a mummy! Run!

    sims sunday

    Luckily, mummies apparently can’t (or don’t) go up stairs.

    sims sunday

    With eight Adventures complete, Wilma returned home and invited Lea Dutiel over to serve as the last, and lasting, romantic partner.

    sims sunday

    Lea was clearly Wilma’s #1 favorite, and she’s ecstatic to see her again. I sent them to the diner, to check off that last item.

    sims sunday

    Then I sent them to the park near Wilma’s house, with its spectacular view of Bridgeport.

    sims sunday

    Wilma proposed, and Lea accepted!

    sims sunday

    And it was another beautiful sunset in Bridgeport.

    4 comments to Sims Sunday: More Adventures

    • I love the open-mindedness of the Sims world :) No judging, even for vamps!

    • ErinLindsey

      Well, if you’re a Simbot there’s usually a bit of judging. Simbot walks (or flies) into a room and all the Sims stop what they’re doing and go “A Simbot!”.

      Even if your Sim is married to a Simbot, they still get startled every time they see their significant other. I think Simbots get startled when they see other Simbots. At least the Vampires dont freak everyone out.

      I turned one of my Sims into a vampire last night, just to see what would happen. I saved my game before doing that, so I’m either sending him off to get the antidote, or I’ll just go back to the earlier saved game before he got vamped. I got annoyed when he got arrested for going to the hospital to get something to drink, and the damn cop left him outside IN THE DAYTIME waiting for the cop to put him in the cop car and take him to jail. Instead, he stood there waiting and getting a little crispy and smoky all day. When he finally fainted from the stress and slept a minute or two he got up and had to walk/vampire run himself to the jail.

      I think the local cop that arrested him was anti-vampire and wanted to teach him a little lesson

    • What? Wilma didn’t just hit on the weird guy? “Come on, honey, let’s go make out in your basement…”

    • Aubree

      Haha! Too funny. I love it.

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