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    A Sock Reclines on the Turf

    Here’s a nice picture of the socks in the yard, for my Northeast pals. I bitch and moan whenever it snows here, because it’s such an unpleasant contrast. Winter is the season when all the lawns turn a nice green.

    (What has two thumbs and should mow the yard this weekend?)

    trekking socks

    Do you realize I’m on track to only knit socks this month? I finished out the Wyvern Socks, then started this pair. And by the looks of it, I’ll be knitting them through the end of the month. That’s weird for me.

    7 comments to A Sock Reclines on the Turf

    • Please tell me you are not knitting that sock FROM THE SKEIN! Reassure me that the skein is just lying there and that you have the half-sock attached to a properly wound center-pull ball. Because knitting directly FROM THE SKEIN is way too scary for me to even contemplate.

    • Erika

      Oh no! It’s a center-pull ball, it’s just collapsed from the inside out ’cause it’s mostly gone. So it looks a little weird in the picture.

    • So that’s what grass looks like. I was starting to forget…

    • Northmoon

      It’s just so wrong that you are in the northern hemisphere and have grass this green. It’s still January for G*ds sake! Please I beg you, no more outdoor shots until March 1st, it’s just too painful. (Unless of course you get more snow)

      The sock is lovely by the way.

    • The chickens?

      Nice sock! Nice to see grass again too. It’s been practically banned around here.

    • Jennifer

      Yes, I require a chicken update soon. Please? BTW, I have sock envy. Need to cast on some little ones soon. For some stupid reason all baby socks are made with tight legholes that squeeze my baby’s li’l chub legs and leave red marks. Maybe some long twisted rib cuffs will do a better job while being just as easy to pull off? Anyway, I like yours.

    • Erika

      It really makes me glad to live in the Northwest!

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