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    Wyvern Socks: Complete

    On top of eeeeeverything else going on, what was forecast for Sunday to be “isolated pockets of snowfall up to possibly an inch” became “four inches everywhere and super icy.” Thus wiping out the many things I had scheduled for that day, all of which will be difficult (if not impossible) to reschedule.

    And tomorrow night I’m supposed to be having dinner with a friend at the tavern in town where they serve THE BEST fish and chips. But the forecast is for more snow, more cold, more ice, and I fear we won’t be able to make it. BUT I WANT FISH AND CHIPS. FISH. AND. CHIPS.

    Oh, and there’s a biiiig storm moving in for later this week. How big? I have seen the words “possibly historic” used by an atmospheric scientist who is not typically given to exaggeration.

    Anyway. Up side? More knitting time. Finished the Wyvern Socks!

    wyvern socks

    I changed pretty much everything about this pattern except for the stitch pattern itself. Not because there’s a problem with the pattern, you understand. Just because I know how I like to do things, and dammit, that is how I do things.

    wyvern socks

    Let me see if I can recall all the changes I made:

    1. Worked it in a different gauge.

    2. Had to use more stitches, to adjust for different gauge. Did this by adding 1 stitch to each side of the stitch pattern, so that the “gutters” between front and back are wider than specified.

    3. Used my preferred method of making a toe. (Cast on half the stitches, increase at all 4 corners every other round until you have enough stitches.)

    4. Used my preferred toe-up sock heel. (From Cookie A’s pattern Baudelaire. I always just work it as written, regardless of gauge. It always turns out fine.)

    5. I like calf shaping, so at the back of the calf (in the middle of the stitch repeat) I increased 2 stitches each side of the gutter on rows 1 and 7. I increased these in 2×2 ribbing, both because it looks nice, and because I like a bit of ribbing in my sock calf for a better fit.

    Um, I think that’s all! But this is a great pattern, and you should try it as written, I bet it’s fine!

    6 comments to Wyvern Socks: Complete

    • Sorta like starting out to cook beef stroganoff and ending up with beef barley soup… 8)
      The sock is lovely, and the best part is that it’s the sock *you* wanted!

    • Northmoon

      Those socks look so lovely posed in the snow with the winter trees in the background. They could be in a magazine!

      Your modifications make a lot of sense. That’s one of the things I like about knitting – it’s easy to make adjustments for a perfect fit.

    • Love that first photo — wool socks atop snow-covered planters! Great socks, too.

    • Cute socks! And yes, you should knit it the way you want – that’s the fun of finding stitches, tricks & tips you like best.

      I thought you wrote “..four inches of snow and super icky..” which may not be too far wrong. You can go get Fish & Chips!! Of course you can! You just might have to live there a few days. Bring wool. The cats. And maybe the chickens. :)

    • Erika

      Fish and chips has been canceled… there’s another big storm that should start any second now. So sad!

    • I’ve been snowed in all week as well. I’m starting to get antsy for some fast food…

      I do the same thing with my socks. I find something that works for me and I just incorporate the pattern into my basic “design”. I think I’m going to try the same heel that you did for these socks since you like them so much.

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