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Socks By New Year? Not Happening.

So last night I had finished 4 pattern repeats of the toe-up socks, and I was ready to start increasing for the gusset.

I looked at the sock and thought, “But which side should I put the increases on?”

Then I thought something like, “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-”

Here’s one side:

wyvern socks

And here’s the other:

wyvern socks

The problem? PATTERN ON THE SOLE SIDE. Yep, somehow I missed this little fact, even as I was constantly comparing it to the finished sock (which has a correctly-unpatterned sole) to figure out when to start the gussets.

So I ripped it all back and flounced down on the couch and cast on for the toe again.

Happy New Year!

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