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    Another Thing I Finished

    Are you ready for this? You sure?

    Liz Lemon scarf

    Now admittedly, when I say “finished” I mean “I knit one more round in solid color, then grafted the ends shut and called it done.” It’s what I suppose you would charitably call a “scarflette,” being only 49 inches long.

    But as I was casting my eye around last weekend, it landed on the Liz Lemon Scarf entombed in its project box. And I realized that if I waited until I had knit it to a proper length, it would never be done. After all, I started it in August 2009.

    Liz Lemon scarf

    It’s very warm, being basically four layers of yarn. In fact, I’m wearing it right now, because my place is cold. Not complaining; just stating a fact. 52 degrees. Inside.

    Here’s its full length, reclining on the bench in front of the post office:

    Liz Lemon scarf

    A heads-up: no Sims Sunday this week. Sims Sunday will return on the 9th!

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