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    Mittens: Done

    Last night I didn’t finish working until 9PM, and I only had the energy to knit three rounds before I gave up. So there is basically zero chance I’ll be able to finish the Wyvern socks by the end of the year. Considering the way that pesky things like “working” and “feeding pets” and “changing my clothes” takes up all that time every day. (WHAT IS WITH THAT SERIOUSLY.)

    But I finished the Annemor 16 mittens last weekend! Yesterday I took them out for a little drive down the road to a park that overlooks the bridge that crosses the Swinomish Channel. It’s a landmark, don’t’cha know.

    annemor 16 mittens

    (A lot of locals call it the “Rainbow Bridge.” Locals who obviously have never had to put a pet to sleep and then gotten a sticky-sweet and over-sentimental card from the vet’s office or a well-meaning coworker.)

    annemor 16 mittens

    This is the “Annemor 16” pattern from Terry Shea’s book Selbuvotter which I highly recommend.

    The mittens are propped up on a headstone-like monument to Louisa A. Conner, for whom La Conner is named. I don’t think she would mind my having set mittens on it.

    annemor 16 mittens

    Even if she does, I live on the other side of the channel, and we all know that evil spirits can’t cross moving water. (But what about slack tide? WHAT ABOUT SLACK TIDE?)

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