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    Resolutions Vs. Reality

    I finished the first Wyvern Sock last weekend, and I would sure like to finish the second sock by the end of the year!

    wyvern sock

    But here is the reality: the sock has 13 pattern repeats, plus 2 inches of ribbing (let’s call that 14 repeats), plus turning the heel (let’s call that a 15th repeat, time-wise).

    Each pattern repeat takes me an hour to knit.

    I have knit 3 pattern repeats on the second sock so far. That’s 12 repeats left, times 1 hour per repeat = 12 hours of knitting left.

    There are 4 days left in the year, so that’s 3 hours of knitting each day between now and midnight on the 31st.

    Which just isn’t very… plausible. I don’t know. We’ll see.

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