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    Inside The Mitten

    I’m one of those knitting perverts who likes to see what stranded knitting looks like on the inside.

    annemor 16

    I’m hoping to have these finished by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned!

    11 comments to Inside The Mitten

    • Me too. Nice tension, nicely reversed chart! Did I ever show Mary Tudor’s sleeves? Think “fringe”.

    • two silver cats

      Are you also one of those knitting perverts who asks strangers to take off their handknit socks so you could analyze their construction?… or one of those knitting fiends who stand just a little too close to people so you could figure out how the ssks and k2togs on their sweater worked out? Or tsk-tsked when you discovered that what you thought was a handmade sweater turned out to be (gasp!) MACHINE SEWN TOGETHER at the hems?

      …I’ve done all of those things. I’m not ashamed.

      I admire your tension as well. Veddy nice.

    • Ana

      Where’s the agree button? I feel the same way about cross stitches – must get a picture before I finish them and the back is hidden away forever.

    • Rock on, my nerdy friend. Checking the reverse is totally normal. It’s one of the ways I gauge how well my colorwork is progressing. Those nice even-tensioned carries are what we all want to make! Great work. Happy Holidays!

    • I’m glad you did this! I was wondering how the inside looked. It looks fabulous.

    • Lisa E.

      When I was a teenager I did cross-stitch, and once I took one of my projects to work so I could work on it (I was checking people in at a pool club, so not very taxing work) and a cross-stitching coworker asked to see it – and she flipped it over to look at the back! I was mortified.

      But anyway, I was really curious about what these mittens looked like inside!

    • Yeah, I’m one of those flipside pervs, too…

    • Sara

      Ooh, kinky.

      (I totally knit-stalked a woman at work this morning. I’ll have to work up to your level of … ahem.)

    • Erika

      Hee hee! Thanks, everyone – I thought the “mitten upskirt” might find some fans!

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