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The Fancymittens In Question

I was able to wall off a few hours on Wednesday night and get some knitting done on the second mitten.

selbuvotter mitten

As I near the completion point, I become increasingly annoyed at my inability to find them a loving home. Part of the problem is that they’re an odd size. They fit my hands perfectly, but I have very large square hands. I would call them a Women’s L or a Men’s M.

I have taken to carrying the completed mitten around with me, and encouraging random people to try it on, Cinderella-style. So far no one who has fit the mitten has taken the bait. (Honestly, who wears mittens?)

I have also been seriously considering just giving them away here on the blog. But I don’t want the other knit bloggers to hate me for throwing off the curve. Maybe I’ll do it in conjunction with a charity drive. Who knows.

In other news, a few people pointed out that I had left the all-important tagline off the new blog header!

I updated the graphic this morning on a whim. The new tagline doesn’t fit the style of the rest of the header in any way. It clashes on several levels. And yet, it amuses me.

[Edit: that joke doesn’t make sense anymore, ’cause I just changed the header to a less brain-hurty tagline.]

15 comments to The Fancymittens In Question

  • I’d take the bait! I live in Minnesota and mittens certainly aren’t out of vogue here. I wear them all the time. If you find that you’ve become desperate for a loving home, feel free to consider my hands an option.

  • two silver cats

    I am amused by the new header as well.

  • two silver cats

    Oh, and I would consider a blog give-away… I wear mittens all the time, up here in New England. They’re superior to gloves by a long shot. However, I’m not sure if would fit me. I have tiny fingers but wide palms– very oddly proportioned.

  • rubycakes

    They are lovely mittens. I have had that book for ages and have never gotten around to anything but drooling. Well done!

    We also have really big square hands in our family – which we all seem to attribute to coming from a long long long line of dairy farmers… good for milking. :)

    If you are looking for a good home for the mittens close to you, I know my sis would be more than pleased to give them a good home. She lives a stone’s throw from you I believe? (on Alverson Rd). She is not really a knitter, but is *extremely* appreciative of hand knits.

    You and I had a conversation yonks ago about whether the stray cat hanging out on your porch was actually hers or not… if that rings any bells.

  • I am on the home stretch of a pair of Dimorphous Mittens, so count me out as a potential recipient. Yours are lovely, though.

  • What about another normally-sized woman-hands, or a very tasteful gay gentleman? (I have skeleton-esque, yet long-like-man-hands so I wouldn’t win. Oh, but I *do* think mittens rule.)
    very purty, said x2.

  • They are lovely mittens. Fair isle (stranded, whatever you want to call it) always looks fancy schmancy to me. But my charity ( is doing a mitten drive through the end of March if you *really* wanted someone to take them off your hands :)

  • I wear mittens every day in the wintertime. Sadly, my hands are too small for your artwork! :)

  • See? Lots of takers for your mittens. Now you’ll have to have a drawing.
    We all wear mittens up here in northern New England. Even the big burly mega-macho guys.

  • Haha I too would be in for mittens, lets bid! Apparently you’re just in the wrong northern corner of the country :D

  • Xeres

    Ebay auction? :)
    Looks like you’d have a fight on your hands!

  • Mitten 2 is just as beautiful as Mitten 1.

    Buffalo NY is also home to hundreds of thousand of happy mitten wearers! I think it’s just not cold enough in the Carolinas for mittens to be a big hit there. I like the idea of a mitten drive for the EEROP Ravelry charity. See Melissa’s comment above, or

  • Karen M.

    Hmm. They fit you perfectly. Hmmm. Oh wait! Maybe you should keep them. They are lovely and you never know when a pair of mittens will come in handy. Love the peeps.

  • I also wear mittens, it seems you have a plethora (sic) my spelling that is, of mitten wearers who read your blog. While the mittens are perfect in every knitterly way, I am not throwing my hat into the ring for a new home for them. I have extremely small hands and generally knit a child’s size for myself. Maybe it is a midwest thing the mittens as I hail from the Chicago area.

  • monkeylina

    What about sending them all the way over here to the UK? We are having the coldest winter in a generation! Oh, and I have square style hands too!