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    Second Mitten is looking pretty cheerful compared to Dismal Chives and No-Longer-Optimistic Primrose.

    annemor 16

    I honestly couldn’t tell you why I’m knitting these, or why I continue to knit them. I don’t want or need a pair of stranded mittens.

    I have to confess, I hate mittens. It’s a deep-seated loathing, dating back from the days before I Moved South. And now I get bitter and petulant on those few days a year when it has the temerity to snow, don’t I?

    And yet, I knit on…

    4 comments to Mittenesque

    • Xeres

      Because they are so very, very beautiful.

      I have always had a horror of doing colourwork – love the finished product, hate all the tangle of octopus legs to deal with. But I have been obsessively churning out Itty Bitty Christmas Stockings ( and all of a sudden I have worked out two-handed colourwork, and a whole new vista has opened up to me!

      There may still not be too much colourwork mittenage going on here, as it never actually gets cold enough to wear mittens! But maybe a colourwork cardigan in sockweight or something?

    • Want? Need? What does this have to do with knitting? It’s either the mittens or that vampire”s FI hat on the cover.

    • I agree with Carrie K. Need is irrelevant. Why ask why? Knitting transports us to a place where errors can be fixed and will never show, to places where effort yields beauty, where “when I’m finished with my row” is a reasonable measure of time. I lovethat place. That’s enough for me.

    • Process. It’s all about the process.
      And the product can always make a lovely gift…

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