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    Speaking Of Hats…

    I use Jared Flood’s Turn A Square as my default hat pattern when I want a simple beanie.

    I like the four decrease points, the way they look like sewn seams. They all but beg you to fold the hat up into tidy fourths and tuck it in your pocket for later. It’s great!

    When it comes time to start the decreases, instead of setting stitch markers, I divide all the stitches onto four DPNs. Then you just decrease at the beginning and end of every needle on the decrease rounds. Super easy.

    Except that over the holiday, I was working without the pattern on hand. And I messed up the decreases. You’re supposed to k2tog the first stitch on every needle, and SSK the last. But I accidentally reversed that order.

    cartman hat

    Looks nice enough, I suppose. But I like the way the original decreases just slip invisibly into the seam line. Time to rip!

    Speaking of thrifty knitting (weren’t we? Aren’t we always?) Patons Kroy has turned out to be one of my favorite sock yarns. It’s thick without being bulky, soft without being itchy between the toes, and nicely heathered. And only about $4 a ball!

    Probably less, if you can implement a Joann’s coupon! Which you hardly ever can, because the stuff is always on sale!

    3 comments to Speaking Of Hats…

    • Patti

      I’m making that hat right now for a friend for Christmas, and I’m getting an odd gap between the decreases. Like a little ladder. Somewhat airy. :/

    • Oh yeah, that’s normal! Don’t worry, once you’re finished and it’s blocked, it won’t look as bad. There will still be a very definite line, but it looks fine. I’ll post pics of my finished hat Wednesday so you can see what I mean.

    • I love knitting hats. There’s such a variety of patterns, and best of all, when you’re done you don’t have to knit a matching one. (Ask me how many single socks and gloves I have…)

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