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    Do You See What I See?

    I have been reading Let Me In by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. (And enjoying it, by the way – very creepy and winter-y and perfect for the season.)

    let me in

    The other day I noticed something on the cover. See it?

    let me in

    That hat! Stranded colorwork, dark gray and white. Four decrease points, like Jared Flood’s Turn A Square pattern. But look at the pattern! So intricate!

    I searched Ravelry and even online, and couldn’t find anything even remotely close. There are a lot of Fair Isle hat knitting patterns, but they all look like cop-outs compared to the one on the cover.

    This is apparently some upper-level hat knitting magic on display. WANT.

    8 comments to Do You See What I See?

    • Done with very fine yarn, methinks.

    • Patti

      One of my favorite movies EVER – I have the book on order from the library. (bug-free, I hope!) I just finished his latest, it was interesting!

      Also, neat hat. :)

    • kimi

      ooh, I might have to go get the book so I can look really closely at the hat.

    • The cover of the one in my library’s online catalog has a different cover :(
      But I am requesting it anyway.

    • What does it say about me that I missed the hat, but totally noticed that there is only one shadow and two people on the cover? Somebody’s a ghost or something, methinks.

      Cool cover. Nice hat.

    • Okay, so now I’ll have to go read the book. And look at the cover closely.
      Are you planning a long afternoon with graph paper and Starmore, Feitelson, Don, and McGregor? (I’ve got either Don or McGregor – I forget which…)

    • Geez, I don’t know! I can barely make anything out, so it would be a complete guess. Maybe some day… I definitely don’t feel up to the challenge at this point!

    • jenn

      There has got to be some sleuthing you can do. I spent forever trying to figure out where the softcover photo for the novel Housekeeping was taken…the book itself is frustratingly stingy with photo credits, giving only a design credit and not the actual photographer. I wrote to the pub house and sometimes I guess they’re just amused at getting emails about something that isn’t exactly at the forefront of their job, and they reply graciously. If you check the book, usually at the back, you should be able to find the cover designer and maybe you’ll be able to search up an email for them. The hat can be found!

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