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    It’s Black Friday. Hide!

    I hope all my American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that all my non-American readers (about a third of you, according to my Google Analytics stats) had a very nice Thursday. With lots of Thursday-ish sorts of things, whatever those may be.

    In addition to a wonderful dinner with lots of great company and food and snacks beforehand and beverages and desserts, I had a turkey-flavored gumball. It was not very good, as you might imagine.

    Over dinner, one relative (who has owned cats in the past) forcefully asserted that cats serve no useful purpose. I take exception to this.

    For one thing, I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have time to vomit all over my carpet, furniture, bedding, and stray papers. So it’s handy to have some creatures around who can take care of that for me.

    (That reminds me, I need to print out another copy of the Wyvern Socks chart.)

    cozy kitteh

    For another thing, how else would I be able to tell that the house is warm enough?

    13 comments to It’s Black Friday. Hide!

    • LOL at the vomit thing! Had I been drinking coffee, you would have owed me a new keyboard.

      Actually, we discovered an actual useful thing that our cats did for us on a regular basis. My parents gave us new carpeting in the living room and dining room of our then-house, and we chose some blue-gray plush stuff (this was ~1981). Whenever I cleaned the vacuum cleaner left annoying tracks in the carpet. But while we were at work the cats would pitty-pat all over the rooms, under the coffee table, behind the sofa, round and round the dining room chairs, and within one day the carpet no longer had the vacuum cleaner tracks. Of course, it was also [once again] frosted with cat fur, but they were trying to help, bless their furry little hearts.

    • Xeres

      Useless? I also disagree. Just looking at that little contented sleeping face must give you about a +25 mood bonus, every time you walk past it.

      (What? No, I haven’t been over-Simming recently, why do you ask?)

      PS Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. We don’t do it here, but I am doing a roasted turkey breast for family dinner tonight :)

    • Patti

      I’ve found I’m just not capable of rolling around on a clean, fresh tablecloth and shedding like mad. Nor can I distribute kitty litter evenly throughout the whole house.

    • Slager

      I don’t have cats, but I do have two cat-like mini dogs. Since their arrival, poop-related conversation in our household has gone up by seven hundred percent. And that’s, you know, educational. Also, no more pesky crumbs on our floor or our shirts or… anywhere.

    • Footprints on the counter and desk are difficult for me to make, so I ever grateful for the felines who find this necessary task so effortless.

    • (so much for remembering to proof read before submitting)

    • Benny and Joon proved their usefulness just last night. There was a big hornet in the house but it kept appearing, bzzzzz’ing, for a while and disappearing. Finally the cats came out, showed me where it was, swatted it just enough that it lay insensible on the floor while still very much alive. Cue the Scoopinator. Scoop, cover, throw outside. Wasp is alive, deathly allergic reaction to bee sting avoided, cats prove themselves useful. Ta-dah!

    • Northmoon

      My cats have a special job to keep my wardrobe properly furred, in appropriate shades from black, orange and gray to white. They all can take part in this task; maximum contrast is the goal of course!

    • Northmoon

      PS Happy thanksgiving!

      I completely agree with the title – no way I’m getting involved in any ‘Black Friday’ maddness. (For some reason they are attempting to import this concept to Canada)

    • Cristina

      My cats are gainfully employed meowing loudly at all hours of the night, projectile vomiting from the highest points of the furniture and hunching in a corner in a constipated manner (none of which I’m able to do credibly or with much enthusiasm). So tell your incredulous relative that cats indeed do serve many purposes. I for one, have improved my cleaning abilities thanks to the felines!

      A pox on Black Friday! Shop etsy! There was a local woman who set up a tent outside of a Best Buy a week ago, what a nut. Don’t know about you but I HATE that store almost as much as I hate Wal-mart!

    • Not to mention that it isn’t a real handknit sweater without cat hair worked into it – and *someone* has to supply the cat hair.
      I miss my little Ursula…

    • Sara

      Cats are VERY useful!

      Gwyndolyn helped me participate in National Buy Nothing Day by displacing the laptop from my lap and forbidding me to leave the house. Then she glared at me in disappointed fury and yelled (silently) that she was out of litter.

      She has also trained me very well in the provision of supplemental fluids. If you ever need 150ml of lactated Ringer’s solution in the back of the neck, subcutaneous, just let me know. Oh, and she’s helping me support the vet tech through college.

      INFINITELY useful. Yup.

    • Love. Have been low on my blogreading lately (NOES) so happy to be back for teh wisdom.

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