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    Yay, Electricity! I Love Youuuu!

    Electricity: I’m a fan. A surprise storm knocked out the power at about 10:30 last night, and it didn’t return until the middle of this afternoon.

    After a day spent unexpectedly offline, I’m hopelessly behind on comments and emails and stuff. Here, have a pretty picture!

    hope island sign

    Whenever I drive past, I always admire the sign’s palest of pale weathered blues.

    2 comments to Yay, Electricity! I Love Youuuu!

    • We lose power often enough that I own a handy little headlamp especially for knitting in the dark…

    • two silver cats

      The sign reminded me of something… there is a small house/cabin thing near where my Dad grew up, and there is a painted sign on the top that says “The Pines”. Now, the sign was old when he was a kid (he moved there around 1950) and now the cabin is just about as ancient and decrepit as a thing can be… but the sign, and especially the paint, looks just the same as it’s always been. Whenever we pass the sign, Dad never fails to wonder what on earth they used to put in paint back then to make it so durable (most likely lead and other toxins, but still…). I wonder when your sign was put up, and what it was [lacking] in the paint that made it fade like that.

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