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Sims Sunday: The End Is Nigh

Yeardley announced her pregnancy to Jamila, who was thrilled at the prospect of a new baby. (She apparently didn’t question where the baby came from in the first place.)

sims sunday

Aren’t they a happy couple! So lovely together! They…

sims sunday


Yeardley barely had time to mourn before she went into labor.

sims sunday

Welcome home, baby girl Zuzu!

And welcome back, Matthew Falcon!

sims sunday

And goodbye, Xolotl!

sims sunday

As you can see, she departed this realm thinking, “The dishwasher’s broken!” What a terrible last thought to have.

Yeardley has a lot of food cravings when she’s pregnant. More than any other Sim I’ve had so far.

sims sunday

Marf marf marf!

Late that night, Jamila’s ghost returned. I woke Yeardley up and sent her downstairs to see the ghost, in order to fulfill her “Gold Digger” Lifetime wish.

sims sunday

Even in death, Jamila was happy for Yeardley’s (second) pregnancy.

The next day, Yeardley proposed to Matthew Falcon. I decided to take video of the marriage proposal, instead of posting the same old picture. (Click here to watch it if you can’t see the embedded video below.)

I forgot that pregnant Sims can’t wear formal clothes. So Yeardley got married in her maternity smock.

sims sunday

The wedding was just in time! Welcome home, baby boy Zardoz!

sims sunday

I discovered that Yeardley’s hidden Pyromaniac trait lets her roast anything she wants over the backyard fire pit. Here she’s roasting an apple. Which sounds tasty, in a weird sort of way.

sims sunday

Matthew Falcon Alphabetti (I had to keep the Falcon) is pretty good with the kids.

sims sunday

You can already see that Zuzu inherited her mother’s hair color.

sims sunday

Whereas Zardoz inherited his grandmother’s hair color. (Darn those skipped generations!)

sims sunday

Immediately after giving birth to Zardoz, Yeardley had a wish to have another baby. Okay… one more!

sims sunday

At about this time, I got tired of the “late 90s” decorating scheme. I went with something a little more Martha Stewart-y.

sims sunday

But I still kept the old bed. Which is metal in so many ways.

By the way, if you have ever wanted to see a massively pregnant woman riding a chopper, this is your lucky day!

sims sunday

Sorry it’s so dark. I was going to take a picture of her riding the bike during the day, but she gave birth the next morning. Welcome, baby boy Zaphod!

(I actually have no idea where the chopper came from. It just showed up on their lawn one day. Maybe from an update?)

sims sunday

Little Zuzu’s hair goes nicely with the color scheme!

8 comments to Sims Sunday: The End Is Nigh

  • How long in real time do Sims live? One day? A week? Hard to tell, they come and go so quickly.

  • ErinLindsey

    Mine live for a loooooong time. But then I play the epic (or maybe it’s the next one down from there?)

    I think if you play the normal lifespan they last a few days.

  • So glad she had the third baby. Life would not have been complete without a Zaphod…

  • Erika

    I play on Normal lifespan, so they get an average of 90 Sim days from birth to death. I play on speed 2 for the most part, but I can’t find a conversion chart.

    Each Sim tends to last about 6 real-world weeks, depending on how much free time I have that week of course. I just checked and found that Xolotl was born on the week ending September 12th, so that’s about right!

  • Aubree

    I love Sims Sunday. I cant not wait to see what happens next.

  • Cristina

    Can you name another baby Zappos? And then when he grows up he needs to wear really ridiculous shoes like that tall guy on What’s My Line.

    Cause that would be subtle.

  • monkeylina

    OMG did you name Zuzu after my suggestion? Woooot! I mean obvy I didn’t come up with it on my own. I love the look of Zardoz! Reminds me of the Borat mankini… I am ebaying Zardoz right now!

  • chubseus

    fire roasted apples are actually very tasty, either on a stick or rotisserie style.