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    On The Up Side…

    See? I already feel lousy for even having said anything. Well, let’s turn this pity party around for the weekend.

    On the up side, there’s always fluffy warm kitteh bellies!


    And cats who look incredibly offended that you would do such a thing. But who don’t, one must note, squirm to be put down.

    9 comments to On The Up Side…

    • Personally, I have a foot with permanent destination vacation grounds in my mouth.

    • Katharine

      Nothing better than kitty tummy!

    • Benny and Joon are currently curled around each other, washing each other’s necks. It looks very much like that black and white Escher etching of a hand drawing a hand which is, in turn, drawing the first hand. Makes my head explode.

    • I’m glad you’re feeling better, because you are awesome. (Seriously, you’re my favoritest blogger of them all!)

    • Cristina

      Yay! You’re better! And I agree with Julie, you are my favorite blogger of them all too. Your writing & your Simming make me laugh!

      I gotta laugh at kellys comment – feel the same way about myself. I think I need that as a bumper sticker, just to warn others!

      I’m off to have some oreos for breakfast.

    • Kitteh bellies could replace Prozac. (Now I’m picturing people going to a pharmacy with a prescription for kittens…)

    • Northmoon

      Sorry to hear your life is not at it’s best right now. Is it because of the onset of winter chill and darkness that starts at this time of year? I always hate that, although I’ve got another month before it gets too depressing here at my latitude.

      Kitteh belly sounds like an excellent cure. I think I’ll go get some as a preventative tonic right now.

    • monkeylina

      Ditto Julia and Cristina!

    • monkeylina

      Ooops Julie. Soz.

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