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    So, That Was A Thing That Happened

    This week has been one long string of humiliations. Not like “Oh gosh I said something dorky to the clerk at Safeway” stuff. We’re talking hard-core, “I kind of wish I was dead right now” type stuff. Only some of which I talked about on Twitter.

    I don’t want to wallow. I definitely don’t want to spill it all over the place. I don’t really believe in venting. And while there are plenty of blogs that exist solely as an outlet for the author’s complaints, that’s no way to entertain an audience.

    But at the same time, it’s not really fair to pretend that everything is happy and cheerful always. Because it isn’t. It just isn’t.


    But hey, I finished the first sock.

    paraphernailia socks

    I Photoshopped the crap out of it to make it look more Important and Hyper-Real. Neat, right?

    (Actually, I have to confess that this kind of over-processing, popular though it apparently is, just makes my eyes water.)

    8 comments to So, That Was A Thing That Happened

    • Katharine

      The sock is lovely even if the image is a little sharp on the eyeballs.
      I read your twitter posts this morning and I can relate…why hello Mr. Fedex guy, do I have to sign for that package, why yes I do know it a quarter to noon and I am in my bathrobe and my hair looks like something nested in it and the cat has taken this opportunity to vomit something on the floor directly behind the door…
      So I lie and start coughing and saying things like ‘Don’t get too close you don’t want to get this bug”…I am not proud but sometimes we do have to save a little face.

    • Deb

      I hope things get better soon. Very soon. Like now.

      Also, I am in awe of your sock.

    • Our internet has been intermittent, what with the Storm Of The Millenium and all, so what ‘net time I have had has not included Twitter. Whatever it was, I am sorry and hope things get better stat.

    • Xeres

      GORGEOUS sock! (runs off to Ravelry in slavish imitation) OoOOOOooo free sock pattern! Doubly awesome.

      I send you hugs, and anti-turkey ballistic ammunition.

    • Cristina

      Just found your Twitter and I concur: hate doctors, skinny doctors and weight loss magazines. I work with a few fat phobic medifast obsessives from hell as well. Ugh.

      On the bright side, at least your pumpkin spattered kitchen goes with the seasons! Yeah?

      Sending you a big hug, some cat barf of my own and hoping you feel better soon.

    • I’m a firm believer in muttering “This too shall pass” while trudging relentlessly toward the future. It’s gotten me through some really bad spaces in my life.
      Hoping yours clears up soon.
      Everything I try to Photoshop ends up looking worse. Like I was trying to be artsy-fartsy when I’m shooting for clear and focused. Maybe I should actually look at the tutorials sometime…

    • Erika

      My mantra is “It’s not the end of the world, because the world keeps going.” Which makes less sense the more I think about it, but whatever!

      Two useful tutorials for butchering your pics in a very fashionable manner:

      Dooce: The Lovely Glow Effect
      Pioneer Woman: Brandi’s Blur

    • kt

      I”m not a Twitter-er, so I’ll add my 2 cents and say take a deep breath and fear not–it will all work out.

      Hope it’s already doing so by now.

      sending all best possible karma and good thoughts your way.

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