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    Lava Flow Cowl the Second

    I liked this pattern so much, I knit another one just for me.

    As with the first one I knit, I added 24 stitches (2 additional cables) to make the cowl a little taller. If I was going to knit this pattern a third time, I would think hard about doing one less pattern rep, to make it a little shorter. As I’m wearing it, I keep pinching it to tuck it in a little more.

    lava flow cowl

    I love this yarn, Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK in “Peppercorn.” It’s nubbly (but not too nubbly) and flecky (but not too flecky) and soft (10% silk, 5% cashmere) but still has plenty of body (85% wool). It holds up well to a ribbed cable pattern.

    At the same time* I’m glad to have finally knit it out of my stash. I bought five skeins for some long-forgotten project several years ago. It turned out to be unsuitable for that project, and sat in my stash for ages.

    Before you seam the ends together, the pattern has you give it a half twist to create a Moebius strip. This half twist is not only spiffy, it also helps solve the “bunching at the back of the neck” problem which plagues cowls as a whole.

    One last thing I want to do to this cowl before I consider it really done: sew a single button on it somewhere.

    The best way to explain a Moebius strip is to have someone do the classic “draw a line without lifting your pen from the paper” experiment. I often find myself having to explain what a Moebius strip is, but I don’t want people drawing on my cowl.

    Thus, “Start at the button, and run your finger along it without lifting it.” Two laps later, you’ll encounter the very same button again.

    * I feel like I should put those words in bold, “At the same time,” to make it a knitting joke.

    2 comments to Lava Flow Cowl the Second

    • It makes me a little sad that there are people who don’t know what a moebius strip is. I remember learning about them and playing with them as a kid. I can’t remember if it was my dad or if it was from a library book that I learned about them.

      They’re fun if you make them out of paper and then cut down the middle (the long way) of the strip.

    • Cristina

      I wish you could make me a mobius cowl but the coldest it’s gotten here in Clearwater FL is 80 lately. Maybe it will go down to 60 – but it’s been possible to walk on the beach on Christmas day. I would love an Erika original so much!

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