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Dear TweetDeck,

Your “Auto URL Shortening” icon looks like a sanitary napkin.

tweetdeck ui fail

Always UltraThin Regular with wings, if I’m not mistaken.


– A Female

7 comments to Dear TweetDeck,

  • Franz

    Man, designing icons is hard. (I think that one’s supposed to be chain links being squeezed.)

  • Lauren

    I think Franz is right about what that icon is supposed to be, but that doesn’t mean that’s what I see when I look at it ;) “Pad with wings” is my first thought, too. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to come up with a better design–maybe a globe or the letters “www” being squeezed, instead.

    And what is up with these unintentional feminine hygiene product references in tech lately?

  • It wants to be iPad supported. Heh, heh.

  • Erika

    [comedy trumpet] Wah wah wahhhhhh!

  • Wendy

    Mr. Whendi is a product tester for Best Buy. He was working on a deluxe MP3 player that had all these cute little animated icons for the different functions. One of the functions was a mini recorder.

    So he’s playing with, er testing it and he notices the recording icon looks like someone is waving a dildo around. He goes to the engineer who thought my husband was nuts, so they take a poll of random employees in the cafeteria.

    Mr. didn’t even have to point out the icon before people (men and women) were wooping with laughter. The chagrinned engineer finally conceded and created a new icon.

  • sanitary napkin LOL
    i dont use tweakdeck but from the picture it does look like a sanitary napkin lmao