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    Soy Hats!

    Isn’t soy an amazing thing? You can eat it, or use it to make a crappy yarn in an inadvisable shade of hot pink. Wow!

    patons sws hats

    I am so sorry about that picture.

    I made the second hat “Jared Flood style,” striping the hot pink with the blue-and-brown in alternating bands. It turned out okay. More to the point: it turned out, it’s done, I’m finished with this yarn, and I can mark it off my stash inventory after about FIVE YEARS of carrying it around with me, from home to home.

    I tested out a New Thing with these hats. I’ve knit a lot of hats in 2×2 rib. Never liked the way the decreases look at the top, no matter what I tried.

    Lately I have experimented with what I think of as a “raglan hat decrease.” I really like the way it turns out.

    patons sws hats

    I arrange all the stitches evenly across 4 needles, with ONE knit stitch at EACH end of the needle.

    Work the first stitch on each needle as SSK, and the last stitch as K2TOG. This preserves those four columns of knit stitches that march up to the top of the hat.

    When you’re down to only 8 stitches – i.e. just those four columns – break the yarn, run it through the remaining stitches, and draw it tight.

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