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    It Sure Is Knitting Weather!

    180 degrees of Skagit Valley farmland, taken from the parking lot of the Farmhouse Restaurant at Highway 20 and Laconner-Whitney Road, facing west.

    skagit farmland

    (You’ll want to click to view that one, and then click the picture again to see it full size in your browser.)

    You can also tell it’s fall because everything’s greening up nicely. In the Pacific Northwest, things get dry and yellow in summer, and grow lushly green the other nine months of the year.

    skagit farmland

    So green, it’s practically fluorescent!

    5 comments to It Sure Is Knitting Weather!

    • T.

      So, did you take the pic from a moving vehicle, or did you stop -in front of the “No Stopping” sign- to do it?

      Inquiring minds… 😉

    • Knitting weather there but it hit 102 here today! Blech. Hotter than it was all summer.

      Where did you take those pix from?

    • Keisha

      Now, if those clouds would just turn COLD…I swear it was 75 in Bham today. :/ (Which I will admit is better than 102, eiw)

    • I really hadn’t pictured your area as so *flat*…

    • Erika

      T, ha – I hadn’t even noticed! I was driving at the time, albeit behind a very slow Winnebago.

      The “no stopping” is more about tulip season in the spring, and for the snow geese. Both are things that cause tourists to slam on their brakes and clog the roads unexpectedly. Absent either tulips or geese, I doubt anyone really cares if you stop there for a minute or two.

      Gayle, the Skagit Valley in particular is very flat! That’s why it makes good farmlands I guess. It’s pretty unusual for our area, though!

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