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    Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    I finished that darned scarf over the holiday weekend. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it.

    celtic cabled scarf

    I should probably have waited until later today to take the picture. Get some good, raking light to create shadows on the cable, make it look all dramatic. But I have a JOB and WORK TO DO and I really can’t just sit around waiting for the light to be “just right.”

    Also, it rained for the last 24 hours straight. It may well be raining again by the time the light is coming from the right angle. So forget it.

    celtic cabled scarf

    That’s a little better. Plus in the background you can see the tracks of the chicken tractor. That’s one pass up the yard, and one pass down. Quite a mess.

    This is a pretty good pattern, all things considered. I made a change to the cables, so that they cross “correctly” in my estimation. (Rows 6 and 14 I changed C4B to C4F.)

    The edges flip in like crazy, but you just have to accept that. The ends look raw – the pattern just stops. If I was going to do it again, I’d try adjusting the number of stitches and starting with a band of the basketweave that travels up the side. Use that as a frame, so to speak.

    Oh, and another update: I ate both of those boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese. The answer was so obvious, once I stopped to think about it: Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce.

    18 comments to Celtic Cabled Scarf: OMG DONE

    • Franz

      Darned inconsiderate of the light to make you wait like that. Good for you for not putting up with such nonsense.

    • Erika

      Stupid selfish badly-slanting sun!

    • Northmoon

      Sounds like you’ve got everything whipped into shape.

      I must agree with your cable correction, because everything looks ‘right’ to me. Over and under and all that – nice work.

    • Superb scarf!! Really love the design. Looks like a bit of labor.

    • Ooh man, my grey cable knit loving self is totally in love with that!

    • Xeres

      Lovely scarf. Got a Ravelry link?

    • Love! That’s my favorite cable pattern – when it’s done right. I correct it the same way you do, to get the lines going properly over and under.
      And doesn’t that chili garlic sauce look intriguing…

    • Erika

      Good catch, Xeres! I have updated the post to link to the pattern.

    • Beautiful scarf!

      I am a huge fan of mac and cheese myself and I don’t eat it nearly as often as I would like. Probably because there is no portion control when it comes to me and mac and cheese. However, recently I made some from scratch for the first time using gouda and whole wheat pasta.

      What is it about this time of the year and cleaning out the pantry? I’m doing it, too.

    • OMG love this scarf, wondering how long it took you to knit it and how long is it? fabulous :)

    • Erika

      Aw, thanks! It took about 40 hours to knit. Chronologically… like two years! I put it down for “a while” until I could face it again.

    • this is fantastic, i love the fact that its so long, perfect for fall, i mean you can wrap the entire thing around your body to keep you warm lol great job Erika :)

    • Lorelei

      This is the pattern I just chose for my daughter’s scarf … 40 hours … hummmm. It’s absolutely stunning.

    • Erika

      It curls terribly – the edges flip in and cover up the cables – even steaming and ironing it hasn’t helped. It’s so bad, I don’t even bother to wear it out anymore. If I was going to do it over again, I’d definitely try swatching it with seed stitch in the “gutters” instead of reverse stockinette.

    • Lorelei

      It would “take away” from the total look, but what if I dod the seed stitch frame instead of the outside cablework, would the RS flip the seed stitch too, or will RS flip just about anything not stitched down?!

    • Erika

      I think it would probably still flip – but it’s definitely worth testing with a swatch!

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