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    More Swatching

    I did a bit of swatching over the weekend, when I didn’t feel capable of knitting anything smarter.

    patons sws

    This is Patons Soy Wool Stripes (SWS). The color is called “natural geranium.” I was going to make fun of that color name until I remembered my August-flowering primrose out on the porch.

    Yet Another Loosely Spun Single. I can see why this ended up snoozing in my stash for so long. When I first got on the Joann’s mailing list, I started using my monthly “50% off” coupon to buy a single skein of SWS for stashing.

    Now, lo these many years later, I realize that it’s a lot cheaper to not buy yarn than it is to buy useless yarn at half off.

    I have two skeins of geranium, and one skein of the brown-and-blue stripe mix. The yarn is pretty, and soft, and has a nice shine to it, but I’m a little stumped about what to use it for. I browsed other Patons SWS projects on Ravelry, but nothing grabbed me.

    What have you made with this yarn? Did you like it?

    11 comments to More Swatching

    • Entrelac bag! Because I’m making one with Noro with all its bits and pieces…
      But maybe you aren’t a *cough* bag lady?

    • I made one or two Calorimetries with it. Perfect for that use.

    • Kaitlin

      Ditto the entrelac suggestion. I made Quant with SWS in Natural Earth, and it turned out quite lovely.

      Warning: if you plan to gift it, make sure to explain it is a HEADBAND. Several months after receiving hers, my brilliant physics-major friend mentioned that it was a little itchy under her chin. Turns out she had been wearing it like a bonnet. D’oh!

    • Lori

      I have to say caloriemetry as well. My daughter has stolen them for her Chicago winters. or Fall…nice fingerless mitts as well. I remember Crazy Aunt Purl using that for something…REALLY enjoy your sims btw.

    • Kate Smith

      I won two skeins of the SWS geranuim in a drawing. One of my bosses loves pink, so I made her a pair of fingerless mitts- she loves them.

      I understand SWS felts well. It certainly melded together while knitting. Frogging this stuff was painful and I actually threw a bunch out rather than fool with it. (Helps when it’s free.)

    • Felted clogs, worked great. I think I used Patons wool for the bottoms and the SWS for the uppers. I have also made a couple of knock-off noro striped scarves and some Maine Mornig Mitts out of it.

    • Bahahaha! I had to google calorimetry only to realize that it is exactly what my now deceased great aunt knit me when I was little! It’s beautiful white angora and I never wear it because it was itchy under my chin. Oh man, I feel silly. But mostly grateful that I finally get to wear the thing my aunt knit me so many years ago!

      I think the pink would make a rockin’ calorimetry 😀

    • When I get out of sorts between projects or when something is too complicated for me to concentrate on I crochet granny squares. One day I’ll have enough for a blanket, but for now, I just like making them as mindless things. You could do the same, just knit some squares and set them aside for a later purpose. Some times it’s nice not to think.

    • I’ve never used that yarn, but I always think hat or cowl for lone skeins.

    • Cheri

      The yarn looks very pretty as entralac scarf. But unfortunately, you will need about 3 or 4 skeins for a nice length scarf. I know, I have to keep going back to buy just one more skein to finish the neverending scarf.

    • […] something? I am having THE WORST time with this hat, and I don’t know why. I decided to use the Patons Soy Wool Stripes to make one or more charity hats for Patti to distribute at the food […]

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